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11 Side Hustle Ideas For The Holiday Season


December 30th, 2021 09:59

Side hustle ideas for the holidays

Side hustles have become a popular way of earning a little extra cash in the holidays. This is because even in the midst of bells of joy jingling and the season of merriment raising spirits, holidays can be a little tough on our pockets.

With all the give and take of presents and trips to home, people often find themselves running out of their savings. Along with the expenses, the holiday season is also the time of the most awaited sales in top brands. 

A little extra cash through side hustles can gear you up to make the best of the holiday season. So here is a list of that you can try for some extra earning.

You may be a working professional, a college student, or a homemaker, this list of side hustles has something for everyone who is looking to make a few extra bucks during the holiday.

Get artsy

With the festivities comes the season of exchanging cards and so the demand for personalized handwritten cards shoots up massively. If you are someone who can mix words and create some charming holiday cards, this is the perfect idea for a side hustle for you.

Get crafty

If you have a thing for crafts, the holiday season gives you an excellent opportunity to monetize it. From decoration materials to handmade jewelry and from knitted sweaters to soaps and candles, you can sell anything easily on the internet.

Get baking

What is a celebration without a few treats? Cakes, bread, cookies, and brownies are just a few examples of many sweet treats that you can bake and sell during the holidays.

Holiday side hustles need not be limited to baking. You can even take up catering jobs for small gatherings or sell on-demand food. 

Teach cooking online 

If you know your way about the kitchen, you can teach all those people who are looking to learn to cook during the holiday season. It is an excellent side hustle for the holiday vacation as people will find more time to join your classes.

Make some deliveries

As everyone is making the best of the holiday season sales and indulging in some retail therapy, this is the busiest time of the year for all offline and online shopping stores. This is a side hustle that doesn’t require any prior skills like the ones I mentioned before. 

Work at a restaurant

When it comes to side hustles, you can always go back to the basics and work at a restaurant, or a supermarket. In the midst of the holiday rush, most of such paces are looking for a temporary set of extra hands to keep things moving smoothly.


Amongst all the frenzy of the festivities of the holiday seasons, young parents find themselves in need of someone to look after their kids as they go around with the merriments. 

The scope for babysitting as a side hustle multiplies during the holidays as most of the daycares are closed this time of the year.

Pet sitting

As you get some time off from your work or university, you can make some money by walking some pets or just generally looking after them as their families get busy in the holiday shopping and glee.

Wrap some gifts

As simple as this may sound, many people are willing to pay someone for wrapping every big and small present that they have to exchange. You can let the people in your locality know that you are offering this service and make some easy money with this holiday-exclusive side hustle.

Decoration services

Everyone wants their house to look the best during the festive season. You can earn some cash in exchange for your assistance in making decorations and helping to put them up

Freelance as a small events organizer

The holidays are marked by people gathering for all feasts with friends, families, and colleagues and the hosts are often looking forward to passing on the burden of arrangements to someone else.

So grab this chance to monetize off your inner Monica Geller and make sure no one mixes the English Trifle with the Shepherd’s Pie!


That is it for the ‘holiday special edition’ of side hustles. If you are looking for more ideas to earn a few extra bucks, check out my list of side hustles you can start with less than $500 only. 

Frequently asked questions

1. How much can you make from a side hustle?

  • One can earn anywhere between 50 to 200 dollars or even more, depending on the number of gigs one takes and the platform used.

2. How can I find freelance work?

Here are some easy ways to find freelance work:

  • Expand your network
  • Log on to freelance marketplaces
  • Set up a profile on LinkedIn
  • Check out job listings o local websites
  • Leverage the power of social media

3. Which site is best for freelancing?

Here are the top freelancing websites in 2021.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • Toptal
  • People Per Hour

4. Where can I sell crafts online for free?

  • Etsy is the most popular global website used by artists to sell their handmade crafts online. Account on Etsy can be made for free but you will be required to pay a small percentage of sales made on the platform with the website owners.

5. How do you start a side gig?

Here are steps you should follow before you begin a side hustle

  • Identify your interests and skills
  • Carve out time from your daily schedule
  • Set clear goals and expectations from the side hustle
  • Find gigs through mediums such as network, social media, or freelance marketplace
  • Get feedback for your services and ask for further reference

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