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Ways To Build And Grow Your Blog As A Beginner


May 18th, 2022 13:37

Grow and build your blog as a beginner

When novices have an idea, they often tend to execute it without really following a process. However, it is essential to do so; this applies to all fields, even blogging. Yes, you can grow and build a blog easily but what comes after that? This article aims to help you be aware of the factors that are part of growing your blog.

Ways to grow and build your blog

Choosing the right platform

It is important to choose the right platform for your blog. There are many free platforms that allow you to create a customized blog and even advertise your brand to your target audiences. 

You must ensure to choose a content management system and a hosting platform that can make your website or blog easy to access and navigate through. Once you start gaining a following, ensure to keep posting consistently and synchronize all your social media platforms so as to notify your audience of the same.

Informative blog 

Your blog should be informative enough to interest and appeal to the new and old audiences of your blog. If you present your blogs in a storytelling format, you would be able to create a lasting impression in your audience’s mind. 

People are looking for credible information and if you provide relevant information to your audience through your blog, they will continue to stay loyal to your blog and may even market your blog by word-of-mouth.


Visuals and pictures are a must in every blog

You can grow and build your blog by putting yourself in the audience's shoes. Pictures play an important part in attracting your audience. Visuals in text-based content can help the audience relate more to your content piece.

Have a niche 

Is your blog 100% original? Does your blog offer something totally unique? Is there any kind of niche quality in your blog? 

With millions of blogs online, there must be a reason as to why someone will choose your blog to read. Therefore, you must ensure to create a theme and write on niche topics that would cater to your target audience’s needs.

This is one of the best ways to grow and build your blogs.

Headlines and cover picture

The way people judge a book by its cover, blogs are often judged by its headlines and cover picture. It is important to ensure you devote a lot of time to it and make it interesting.

You can refer to popular blog sites and understand how they craft their headlines. Moreover, the cover picture should be relatable to your content as irrelevant pictures and haphazardly placed headlines could affect your traffic instantly. 

Trending topics

Another great way to grow your blog is to post on trending topics and keywords. You would have to keep yourself updated with the latest social media trends and analyze data from various keyword tools about the ongoing trends.

Write SEO-based content with keywords

SEO (search engine optimization) is essential for businesses worldwide. You can learn how to optimize your content through various Google courses and even acquire certificates to showcase your credibility in the field.

Using the right and trending keywords can help your articles appear on the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs); however, this could take some time depending on your niche.

Grow on Quora

For every writer and blogger, being active on Quora is essential. Use keywords here as well while writing as Google organically promotes Quora pages. There is no need for paid marketing if you are using the keywords in the right way. 

You can build additional credibility and even advertise your blog through this.


These are some of the efficient ways in which you can grow and build your blog. It does take a lot of patience and time to build a loyal following. Stay consistent and never give up!

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Frequently asked questions:

1. Is it worth starting a blog in 2021?

  • Yes, it is, especially in a digitalized world like ours. 

2. How do I build and make my blog grow from scratch?

  • Write your first 10 blog posts, share your blog posts on social media, write 2 to 5 posts per week, build backlinks, and look for affiliates.

3. What has replaced blogging?

  • The rise of social media, video sharing, podcasts, and streaming platforms such as YouTube and other OTTs are replacing blogging. However, blogs have not become obsolete.

4. Are blogs still profitable in 2021?

  • Yes, blogging is still really profitable. You can make very good money without investing a tremendous amount of time in it.

5. How can beginner bloggers make money?

  • Affiliate income, Ebooks, online courses, and freelance writing are some of the ways that can help novice bloggers make money. 

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