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How to turn your knowledge into an online business (the "THREE Cs")

Want to turn your knowledge or skills into an online business? Making money online using your existing skills, hobby, or knowledge is something that just about everyone wants to achieve. However, not everyone knows where to start. I've been making a full-time living selling courses and coaching online for almost six years, and in his 20s, my partner Leon has been a high-ticket consultant to some of the biggest brands and companies on the planet. These are what we call the "Three Cs" of monetising your knowledge: courses, coaching, and consulting. In this video, I aim to give you an overview into how I'd start an online business by monetising my knowledge if I had to start again today: no social media following, no email list, and no other assets to draw on. This is the longest video we've done so far, but it's PACKED with info. I hope you enjoy this one!

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