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3 Ways To Make $100 A Day With No Work

So today I'm going to give you 3 business plans with little to no work really, but it does take effort and it does take time. But doesn’t require any 40 hours week weeks or listing to your boss. 💲1 on 1 Talk + My Budget + Stock Investments💲​ 1. Youtube, Spotify, any other platform that will allow you ( example channel, the time it’ll take, level of difficulty) – what happens when it's successful - This posting youtube content but you're not actually creating the content - All you have to do is put things together and that’s it For example: - This channel is a relaxing music channel with 6.6M subscribers, has its own merch and Spotify account and everything ( it also makes around 94k-1.5M annually) - Just by posting 7 videos a month they can make this much money, and I’m positive they don’t create their content, they just post royalty-free music with a nice background - In the about sections it lets people submit their music to be heard, free promo, a lot of views, and a lot of money Step By SteP: - Tube buddy : code Tommy Bryson ( to copy tags and get good titles) - Pexels royalty-free videos and pictures - Bensound: for royalty-free music Next Level - Animation, Create a Brand/community and Post every day - Free editing software: movie maker, hitflim express or any other software you want - How I would do this: find the top 10 people in the niche Tip: how does this help artist: It gives them more plays on the music, and it gives you money. Everyone wins. 2. Flipping Sell Phones - The best time to buy is when everyone is selling because of the new iPhone - You can come in and buy for a discount very easy and then flip it online for a quick profit - And if you consider a 15M bike ride or train ride to pick it up a phone work, then this isn’t for you Step by step: - Budget: start with $500 ( or whatever you have, if you don’t have money, sell your pokemon cards and anything else you don’t need) - eBay: gage the market price ( sol items and completed orders) - Facebook, Craiglist, offer up, mercari ( for buying products and selling them) -​ 3. Drop service ( job agency ) - This is basically getting hired to do a job - And then you hire some else to do it for you for cheaper - It's like getting paid $100 to paint a house, and hiring your cousin for $50 to it for you ( and keeping the difference) but online. - You go find the niche your looking for - Then go to upwork and create an account for the same job ( have earned money) - You basically become the middle man between two people Income breaks down: - The average company usually goes with an 80-20 revenue break down ( or you can have bonus incentives) - And if you really want to take to the next level you can do this with an American job where you work from home and do data entry - But then security might become an issue so be careful Tip: never share personal info like Social security and if they need access to a credit cards, give them a gift card instead. Bonus: - This one is very risky - And require some expertise

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