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Passive Income: How To Make $100 Per Day In 2021

Who wouldn't like to make an easy extra $100 per day? There are a lot of channels discussing various ways of making an additional $100 a day. Most of them tell you to grow an Instagram theme/mem page or to sell things you have laying around in your house. And although both options can make you some additional cash, it either takes a lot of time (growing a proper theme page) or it is something you can only do 1 or 2 times (selling things you have laying around). I believe the real key to adding more income is a three step process: 1. Learn a high income skill A high income skill is something that you can offer to other people, for example video editing, webdesign, digital marketing, etc. The better you become at these skills, the more money you can ask for providing the services. 2. Build a brand around it Once you have mastered a high income skill it is time to let people know youhave this skill set. Whether you build this on Instagram, Youtube, TikTok or drive traffic to your website, this will allow you to start attracting customers rather than having to spend a lot of time on outreach. 3. Sell your knowledge The last optional step you can do is build info products or start coaching people where you teach what you have learned during step 1 and 2. It is very important to start doing this once you have actually built your business and brand and don't start doing this without any real experience of yourself. I believe this is the real way of adding hundreds of dollars every single day. And if you do it all the way up to step 3, it can become passive as well.

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