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6 Tips to Effectively Grow Your LinkedIn Network as a Freelancer


August 17th, 2022 20:03

With over 800 million users in 200 countries, LinkedIn is the premium platform for prospective B2B exchanges, employment opportunities, and connecting with business partners. 

Social media is vast, as you have different platforms for distinct purposes. As you might have noticed, Instagram shows a feed filled with pictures of your friends vacationing. And you use WhatsApp for rapid communication with anyone and everyone. So what about establishing a professional presence in the world? Of course, it's LinkedIn!

You can not make your presence notable just by creating an account. But a vast LinkedIn network does it. LinkedIn can be quite an intimidating space for new users. Creating a LinkedIn network is not as convenient as it seems. While the rapid professional updates of other people might overwhelm you in hurrying with your profile, you might also be in a tiff regarding whom to add to your network and whom not to add. 

So how do you grow your LinkedIn network quickly? How to make sure that your connections are significant to your professional goals? 

Here are 6 tips to expand your LinkedIn network:

Add a personal touch to your connection requests.

While scrolling through that list of people you could connect to, you are most likely to keep clicking the connect button on every profile and keep scrolling, as you would on Facebook. It is not the best strategy for LinkedIn. To grow your LinkedIn network, you must add a personal note to the connection requests you send out. It creates a sense of ease with the intended connection as well.

Navigate through LinkedIn groups

One of the best ways to connect with people in your field of work is to join LinkedIn groups specific to topics involving your industry. It provides an inclusive space to build relationships and share expertise. In order to display your proficiency and gain greater insight into potential clients and customers, you might choose groups that accurately represent communities within your target audiences.

Analysing your LinkedIn stats 

The only reliable way to assess the performance of any internet campaign, including LinkedIn, is through data analytics. LinkedIn analytics allow you to monitor your profile views. 

Increasing engagement with posts

As simple as that, the more you post, the more traction your profile gets. Every time your connection interacts with your post by liking, sharing, or commenting, your posts become more likely to appear on their connection feeds. It gives those second-degree connections a reason to reach out to you to connect. LinkedIn has complicated algorithms, so your network will not probably see every post. So don’t shy away from posting every day! LinkedIn offers options to share different types of content. You can post articles, images, videos, polls, and documents to share any information or announcement.

Put that profile URL everywhere!

That’s right. There is no reason for you to feel conscious of doing so. You can use other platforms, such as Twitter, to promote your LinkedIn account by posting your profile URL as a status update. Also, add your profile link to your email signature as well.

Create realistic goals

Don’t get engulfed by the anxiety of reaching 500 connections quickly. Break down your goals into manageable chunks, such as aiming for 50 new networks in the coming week. Don’t overburden yourself. There is no simple way to grow your LinkedIn network overnight. It only happens gradually.

Try to incorporate these suggestions. You should find it easy, doable, and eventually much more enjoyable to expand your LinkedIn network. If used rightly, LinkedIn is a conducive platform for building professional relationships. 

The distinction between LinkedIn and other social media platforms is that, while the latter is more informal, LinkedIn requires the utmost precision to navigate through. 

Stay tuned for more tips and updates on entrepreneurship, freelancing, side hustle, and networking.

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