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Top Side Hustles in Dubai that Pay Well in 2022


July 13th, 2022 08:38

“What are the most profitable side hustles?”

You might have probably asked this question yourself if you are here, rightfully looking for information for your side hustle! 

Generating multiple incomes has been touted as one of the most effective ways to achieve financial freedom. But picking the most effective side-hustles while working at a primary job can be daunting. 

While looking for the best side hustles to make money in 2022, remember that not everything would be the most efficient way to deploy your time, given your skills and hobbies.  

What are the side hustles that pay well in 2022? If you have a list of the most relevant skill sets that are currently in demand might give you insight into the competencies that you can develop to generate monetary inflows. 

Here are the three online side hustles that can pay you some secondary income in 2022:

Digital ad consulting

Do you know how online presence makes all the difference in the current economy for customers in finding you?  People, especially in Dubai, are likely to search on google and check out advertisements on Instagram to decide where to eat or hang out. 

Now you know why a good digital presence can be relevant. The intuitive nature of digital marketing makes it easy to sell to businesses! Many businesses would have little to no experience with running digital ad campaigns. 

Thus, digital ad consulting is one of the best side hustles that pay you in 2022.

So if you know how to set up digital ads on Instagram, target consumer types, and generate the best hashtags, you are all set for one of the best-earning side hustles in Dubai. In order to develop these skills, especially if you’re already into marketing, there are enough courses online. 

Additionally, you can develop the most demanding skills- content writing and monitoring finances. If you can oversee ad spend figures and financially compare them to the ideal levels of engagement with given industry standards, you are up for the financial analyst job. 

Similarly, writing good ad copies or content and figuring out the best platforms to run ads on, even between relevant ones like Google Ads. Facebook and Instagram knowledge can be a game-changing skill in the current digital commerce-driven milieu. You can offer some of these services, especially concerning finances, as an ad on factors, making digital ad consulting one of the best money-making side hustles.

Run a blog

Blogging is another best side hustle that pays well in 2022. People frequently turn to google to find answers to their most burning professional and personal queries. If you can have well-curated answers for them, you will become an indispensable guide for many. Then you can monetize your blog through affiliate marketing, enabling Google AdSense, and a range of other such aspects. However, there are some ground rules that you need to follow no matter what. 

First, don’t have an overbroad blog. Create a niche for your blog. So, if your blog is about financial knowledge, randomly writing about arts will probably not do engagement. So, figure out what you want to focus on, and start by writing some practice pieces before putting anything up. 

Second, you will need to generate engagement for your blog to be among the side hustles that pay well in 2022. A popular way of doing this would be running ads linked to your blog post – you can try LinkedIn for this or even turn to areas like Instagram or Facebook. 

You can try running ads on Google by figuring out effective ways to narrow your audience. 

Third, you should have diverse information on the topics in hand. If your topic is photography, you can post blogs about cameras, lenses, popular places to click photographs in famous cities, popular photography tricks and skills, and so on. Finally, try to learn SEO optimization to make your webpage features highly on Google results pages – remember the vital insight here: almost nobody goes over to page 2 on a Google search. Master these skills, and you will have unlocked a gem among side hustles that pay well in 2022!

Work as a virtual assistant

If you have just started your career, working as a virtual assistant would be one of the side hustles that pay well in 2022. Entrepreneurs need help with various activities like managing their schedules, bookkeeping, preparing reports, and creating content. 

You can be their go-to guy and offer your services on websites like Fiverr or Upwork. If you are good with assistance, not only will you have some good earnings, but you can also make excellent connections to last a long while throughout your professional career! 

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