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7 Tips For Naming Your Startup


October 7th, 2021 06:40

Naming your startup: Essential tips

Amid all the hustle and bustle of launching a startup, entrepreneurs often miss choosing the right name for their business. Although naming your startup does not need grueling work, a little extra thought can go a long way in making your business successful

The importance of a name for a business should not be underestimated. Names carry an emotional value for the customers. They build a connection between the company and its consumers and help cultivate trust. 

But, fret not, because we got you covered! Here are 7 tips on how to come up with a startup name that will ensure your business flourishes. 

Understand the importance of the name

  • Before you take the steps involved in naming your startup, you must acquaint yourself with why there are so many hues and cries over a business name. The importance of first impressions cannot be emphasized enough for businesses. As can be seen all around us, many products are recognized by the name of the company which produces them. 
  • Almost all tablets are called iPads and all Bluetooth earpieces are called AirPods and names like Google and Facebook are now used as verbs. This shows how important it is to come up with a name for the startup that can easily become a part of the day-to-day conversations of the consumers.

Let the name do the talking

  • A company’s name must sum up everything that the company stands for. It must be a marketing strategy in itself and should make your startup stand out of the large ocean of existing businesses. So choose a name that is meaningful and conveys the aim of your business. Aim for allusion and not a full-scale description.

Go for a little wordplay

  • High school grammar teaches us a lot about rhymes, metaphors, and alliteration and such poetic devices are very useful in coming up with a name that sounds good when said aloud. Coca-Cola, PayPal, and Dunkin’ Donuts are a few examples of a little wordplay that makes these names stand out. 

Simplicity is important

  • No one likes to pronounce a complex business name that is made of difficult words. It can even instill a subconscious dislike towards your startup. When naming your startup, ensure to keep it simple and easy to remember, something that stays with the customers for a longer time. 
  • A study by Princeton University stated that a company’s performance on the stock market is directly related to the ease with which its name can be pronounced. In case you do have a complex name, try to sell your services with an acronym. 

Make up your name

  • The process of naming your startup is your chance to experiment with words and create your own, unique word. Consider using prefixes and suffixes to make the name catchier. You can also mix up some keywords related to your business to create an original name.

Think global, not local

  • A big mistake made by many startups, that you must avoid, is naming your startups without considering any future global opportunities. Choose a name that will not outgrow its success. Stay clear from using your family name, city name, state name, and country names. The idea is to not let your name limit the horizons of your business.

Get feedback on the name

  • The best way to choose a name for the startup is to get customer feedback. There are ample ways to do this, both offline and online. Ensure asking the right questions about the impact of the name on the customer’s mind and how easy it is for them to speak and remember it. 
  • Once you have a list of potential unique names for your startup, make sure you check them for trademark rights and domain availability. Your startup’s name must also agree with the logo you have chosen. 
  • You can use technology to help you choose a catchy and one-of-its-kind name. Online tools such as NameMesh, Namium, and Shopify are some useful websites that can help you in this regard.


In a nutshell, the name of your startup is the first interaction your business will have with the consumers, and hence, it must have a lasting impact and instill curiosity about what your company has to offer. 

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Frequently asked questions

1. How do I get a catchy business name?

Here are some ways to make your business name catchy:

  • Use acronyms
  • Mashup different words
  • Find foreign words
  • Avoid hard-to-spell words
  • Get inspiration from mythology and fiction

2. How do you create a unique name for a startup?

If you want a unique name for your startup, you could try the following tips:

  • Use a different spelling for common words
  • Try creating an anagram
  • Mix up common words to create new words
  • Make up a unique acronym

3. What are some free tools to find the best business name?

Here are some free-to-use name generators you can use when naming your startup:

  • Shopify
  • Oberlo
  • Wordlab
  • Brand Root
  • Hipster Business Name

4. What should you not do when naming a company?

The following errors should be avoided when naming a company:

  • Making it too difficult
  • Not getting feedback
  • Choosing an unavailable name
  • Playing it too safe
  • Thinking too local and not global

5. How can I check the domain name availability?

  • Some online tools to check domain name availability are,, and

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