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7 Tips To Use Facebook Advertising To Your Benefit


October 26th, 2021 21:24

Facebook advertising: Essential tips for small businesses

Facebook is no longer just the app your relative uses to show off their last vacation in Hawaii. It has become the next biggest marketing tool, especially for small businesses.

With more than 1.09 billion users logging in daily, it provides the perfect platform for any start-up to garner more attention for themselves through Facebook Advertising. It has been seen that the advantages of Facebook Advertising are immense!

However, a regular Facebook user may not be aware of how the social media giant's advertising platform can be utilized efficiently. Furthermore, competing with big brands who can pay more to have their content more visible poses one of the biggest threats. Therefore, to find a solution to these problems, here are seven tips for small businesses on how to use Facebook Advertising for your benefit.

1. Develop your business page

Firstly, remember that you are promoting your business on Facebook, and not yourself. Therefore, as per the Facebook Advertising guidelines, you have a business page and not a regular page. Decorate your feed with all the relevant information that is required for your business page before sending out links for your customers to view. The last thing you would want your customers to see is a work in progress.

Use great-quality photos of your logo and brand as your profile picture and cover page. Thus, before jumping into the big game, ensure that your page is decked up with all the content you want your consumers to see when they visit your page.

Pro tip:

Get a vanity URL to make your website more visible, not just on Facebook through advertising but on Google’s search results as well. 

2. Keep your content true to your brand

To engage with your consumers and to ensure that your page appears at the top of search results, you will need to keep posting regularly. A common mistake that many brand owners make is posting the same content multiple times; this will reduce your engagement. Another mistake is to post unrelated content; these actions make your page look less professional. Remember, to compete with the big brands you have to appear like them.

Prepare a strategy and make timely posts accordingly. Tailor your content according to the newest trends, choose the right hashtags, and ensure that you are responding to your comments. This further increases your chances of being visible to more followers on Facebook Advertising. 

3. Use Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is Facebook’s own business analytics tool. It will show how many people are engaging with your content and how many people have visited your profile, among other important information.

By tracking your analytics, you can understand whether your target audience is receiving your posts or not and develop your marketing strategy accordingly. This further improves your visibility using Facebook Advertising.

4. Use call-to-action buttons

Facebook has this useful feature for Advertising of adding CTA buttons to the top of your page. 

Now you can choose from any 7 pre-selected options (“Shop Now,” “Sign Up,” “Book Now,” “Contact Us,” “Watch Video,” “Use App,” and “Play Game”) and add a link to your website that would directly connect your profile visitor to your webpage. 

5. Customize your page

The default Facebook settings set your page as “Timeline,” “Photos,” “About,” etc. But, Facebook allows you to customize this and add more about your business, show analytics, and even inform about job vacancies to people who are checking your page. These options would appear at the top of the page and your visitor can be redirected to whatever you want to portray about your company.

This is also useful for guiding your investors who would like to check out your social media content as well. Customizing your page makes it look more professional and business-friendly than having a page just full of photos and tagged videos. 

6. Post stories regularly

The best way to increase your visibility through Facebook Advertising is to ensure that you are visible to your customers readily. Posing stories on a daily basis keeps you in circulation with your customers, and you can use it to promote your discounts and special offers as well. Furthermore, by creating visually appealing content, you will be able to gain more attention for your business. 

7. Get the “Very Responsive to Messages” badge

As a business, if you respond at least to 90% of your Facebook Messages within 15 minutes, you earn the “Very Responsive to Messages” badge. This badge adds credibility to your business and your customer service. It also ensures that your customers get responses on time and builds brand loyalty. Furthermore, ensure that your customers feel heard when talking to your executives and that they receive timely answers. Nothing satisfies a customer more than priority treatment. 


Facebook Advertising is indeed extremely essential for small businesses since it is cost-efficient and it gives an opportunity to open up your business to the world like no other.

These above-mentioned tips are a must-know for every small business that wishes to increase its visibility. All of this has caused Facebook Advertising to become a rising trend in places like Dubai and Mumbai. Another great deal is that Facebook Advertising costs in countries, such as UAE, are at a minimum.

If you are looking to kickstart and scale your career as a freelancer, Freedom2Work can help provide a stepping stone to making your dreams come true. Our experts at Freedom2Work help you apply for a freelance license and even a residence visa. Get in touch with us through the following details today!


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Frequently asked questions

1. How expensive is it to use Facebook for Advertising?

  • The cost per click on Facebook Advertising is on average is $0.097 and $7.19 centers per 1000 impressions.

2. How do I know what audience to target for my products on Facebook?

  • You can start with one category, who you feel would be most interested in buying your product, and then based on the data received, you can choose to broaden your target audience, one group at a time.

3. What kind of images work best for Facebook ads?

  • Firstly you should ensure that your image is in tandem with Facebook’s guidelines. Secondly, choose images that do not have a lot of text attached to them.

4. Do I have control over where my ads appear?

  • When setting up your ads, you have the preference of choosing what geographical area, age group, interest groups, etc. your ad would be shown to. However, beyond this, you do not have strong control over the pages where your ad would appear. 

5. Can I ask Facebook to take down my ad from a particular URL?

  • Yes. In fact, Facebook recommends that reviewing the list of URLs where your ad is being posted every 30 days and blacklisting the URLs where you do not wish it to appear.

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