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8 Customer Service Tips For Startups


October 13th, 2021 08:19

Customer service tips for startups

A start-up comes with a myriad of work, from marketing and human resources to research and analysis. But whatever work there may be, the end target is the consumer of the product or service that the start-up is selling to. So, here are some tips for you to make your customer service top-notch in no time.

But why is customer service so important for start-ups?

Research has found out that companies lose around 71% of their consumers owing to bad customer service. On the other hand, around 60 to 70 percent of customers are likely to continue with the company if their issues are dealt with in a fair manner, even if the result is not in their favor.  

Need we say any more about the importance of customer service for start-ups?  

These tips on customer service are high on results, low on efforts, and are bound to show good results. Read along to find out!

Try to provide as many customer service channels as possible 

  • Customer service can be provided through various channels like live chat, social media, email, or phone calls. So consider allowing your customers various helplines for service. The more options the consumers would have, the better will be their response to your company.

Have a quick response time

  • It has been found that an average company takes between 10 minutes and 12 hours to respond to an email. Studies also show that 62% of companies ignore customer service emails which shows a poor response to customer inquiries. The easiest of the customer service tips to follow to make your start-up stand out from the crowd is sticking to a limit of one hour response time for emails.  

Get feedback from your customers

  • The importance of customer feedback cannot be emphasized enough. The best of the training tips for your customer service team can be arranged from feedback as every customer can have a unique outlook and addressing their needs can make all the difference to your start-up. The easiest way is to have a set questionnaire and conduct random polls to give a better shape to your customer service. 

Give the customers a chance to help themselves

  • Not all customer inquiries and issues need to be resolved through call or email. Customers are often looking for simpler solutions that they can apply themselves. This is where the FAQs and comprehensive guides come in. 
  • As a start-up, you must build a comprehensive knowledge base for customers to resolve their issues by themselves to the highest possible extent. You can also create product explainer videos which can decrease your customer service tickets by around 36%.

Consider outsourcing the customer service section

  • As your start-up grows, outsourcing customer service can deliver better results. It is an easy method to cater to the needs of your customers which can also prove to be flexible and cost-effective. 
  • It is predicted that by 2024, outsourcing is set to become a $110 billion dollar industry. Moreover, you can provide multilingual services while your core team can focus on other pressing matters related to a start-up.

Utilize chatbots as much as possible

  • As a start-up, you might already have a group of people you can dedicate to customer service. In such situations, chatbots may be considered a blessing. Even the best of the tips for training the staff can match the swiftness of a chatbot for customer service. Chatbots will allow your customers to enquire any time of the day and get super-fast responses. 

Get quid pro quo with your customers

  • After you resolve customer inquiries, it is your best chance to ask for help from your customers. You can ask your customers to write you a review, test your products and services and recommend them on their social media and among their friend circles. The main idea is to seize every opportunity you get to engage with your customers.

Invest in your customer service team

  • Even with all the right tools and tips, the customer service team shall require training and guidance to deliver the best possible results. Consider arranging for professional training through workshops and seminars to keep the team up to date with the recent trends of the industry and also keep their spirits up.


Customers are at the center of any business. Therefore, it is your customer service that has the ability to set your company apart in the already competitive and crowded markets.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What are the three most important things in customer service?

  • The three essentials of customer service are patience, professionalism, and a people-first attitude. These 3 things ensure a seamless experience for customers and a positive image-building for the company. 

2. What are the key customer service skills?

  • Attentiveness
  • Communication skills
  • Empathetic attitude
  • Patience
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Persuasion skills
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Accountability
  • Genuineness
  • Politeness

3. When should I hire a customer service representative?

  • If you find yourself answering customer inquiries more than you work on building and expanding your business, it is time to hire some help.

4. How do I hire a customer service representative?

  • You can hire a customer representative from any online job board and freelance marketplaces. When hiring, you must ensure they possess all the essential qualities of a good service customer agent.

5. How do I train my customer service staff?

Here are some tips on training your customer service staff:

  • Hire an experienced professional
  • Conduct workshops
  • Conduct self-reviews
  • Conduct peer-reviews and discussions
  • Be approachable

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