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8 Steps To Include Storytelling In Your Pitch Deck


October 26th, 2021 21:24

Pitch deck and storytelling

When presenting a pitch deck to your investors for a product or service, storytelling is an important part of the whole process. Therefore, it is essential to understand why it is needed and acquire the confidence to be better. 

Why is storytelling important? 

If someone tells us facts and figures in a professional, monotonous way, there is a high chance that the audience would tend to forget it, but if the same thing is presented through a personal story and takes the audience on a journey, a better connection would be established.

This is not limited to presentations. Even in books, when learning something through plain pointers, there would be a lesser chance of remembering them. However, if there are relatable examples to support the context in it, people would remember it easily. 

So why does this happen? Why is creating a visual image of things important?

We have a tendency of remembering visual images and characters more than any kind of plain listed facts. So, storytelling being a major part of the pitch deck design will only make your presentations be highlighted well while pitching to your investors. 

In the following, we have listed some efficient ways in which you can let your startup pitch deck do the storytelling.

Start with examples

Before discussing your idea, give examples of related problems in the society which you are going to discuss. This will help in creating a visual image for your investors. 

Define the problem, solution, and purpose

Define your problem directly. List the solution that your company’s products and services will provide to the market and your main purpose behind addressing a particular issue specifically. 

There are many issues in society; it is important to be clear about why you would provide a solution for a specific issue.

Have a professional and confident body language

Your body language should be professional while giving presentations and when making eye contact and connecting with your investors. Having the right body language can help you seem more confident and make your pitch deck idea stand apart.

Minimum slides

A high number of slides might tend to bore your investors and it could be difficult to hold their attention. Although there is no right number to it, it is important to try and keep your presentations concise and to the point.

Analyze your competition

Not analyzing your competition could land you in trouble. Do a detailed study on all related competitive brands in your industry. This will help you learn from their mistakes and devise a plan for your startup company to grow.

If competition analysis will be part of the pitch deck template, then it will for sure impress investors and can even help in winning their funding. 

Build trust

Trust is the core of any investor. When pitching your startup for funding, it is essential to build trust among your investors for your brand and even let them know how you can build a trustworthy brand among your audience,

List detailed facts

The numbers and analytical data mentioned in the pitch deck idea must be precise. Precise data is quite important as it will help your investors know about the statistical growth of your business. All this will impact the image that you are creating in their mind and make acquiring funding a relatively easy task. 

Question and answers

While answering your investors’ questions at the end, make sure you highlight the already-mentioned points in the pitch deck. Highlight your points well and build a visual image, as stated before, to help build a lasting impression among your investors. 


If your idea is great enough to stand out, then these pitch deck storytelling points will surely be the icing on the cake. With practice, experience, and confidence, you will be able to enhance your pitch deck. 

Frequently asked questions

1. How do you write a pitch deck introduction?

  • Give a proper introduction and mention your planned strategy. Show the people behind the idea and briefly describe their role. 

2. What skills does a storyteller need?

  • Learn to observe the world and the people around you; nobody can resist humor and a good story that has suspense. 

3. How do you determine the market size in a pitch deck?

  • Predicting your buyer’s willingness to pay and showing existing in-house data and on the basis of industry research can help you determine the market size.

4. What does pitch storytelling do?

  • The audience doesn't always remember data but the story. Make your audience feel the wow moment with your pitch storytelling.  

5. What should be included in a pitch?

  • Vision and value proposition, the problem, and your target market and opportunity with the solution as a business model should be included in a pitch.

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