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Essential Tools Required For Podcast Creation


October 7th, 2021 06:20

Essential podcast tools

The love for podcasts is growing exponentially and so are the tools for their creation. The podcast industry is predicted to be a $1 billion dollar industry by 2023!

This is, essentially, because life in the 21st century is fast and everyone is living in a state of hustle and bustle and are trying to multitask and find tools like podcasts to make their lives easier. People are actually listening to books on applications such as Audible instead of reading them! 

Let us see why everyone loves podcasts so much:

One, it allows us to multi-task be it while we cook, drive, work out, or just want to relax away from the screen for some time. And two, it is super easy. Three, it is super diverting and interesting. This one really just depends on the content creators as to how they can make it more entertaining for their listeners. Four, it works well for a lazy day when you want to catch up on the world but don’t want to sit up and read through the thick bundle of newspapers. 

And finally, there is something for everyone. There are podcasts available on literally everything you can think of, from fictional stories to news updates, from celebrity gossip to baking tips, and from spirituality to skin-care routines.

With such widely increasing popularity, podcasts are a great way for marketing yourself. 

So if you run a business, big or small, and you too are looking to expand your market base by engaging your customers on podcasts channels, here is a list of essential tools you can use for creating some awesome content. 

Gather your equipment

For creating podcasts, you need equipment like a mic, a mixer, a soundproof room, a nice pair of headphones, and a computer for putting it all together. As a beginner, your budget may be low, so it will be better to stick to basic podcast tools which are pocket-friendly and not compromise on what is essential, i.e., the quality.

Doodle all your thoughts with Microsoft OneNote

Inspiration for a podcast theme can strike you anywhere and anytime. Make sure you don’t forget any creative ideas for your podcast by using Microsoft’s best tools, OneNote--a digital notebook where you can do everything from organizing to editing your thoughts in all forms of media across all your devices. 

OneNote is available on the most common operating systems like Web, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. 

Use Calendly for scheduling purposes

Emails are good, but there is a better and easier option to schedule your podcast sessions with guests and co-podcasters. Calendly already has over 5 million monthly users who trust its scheduling and prefer it over back and forth emailing. 

Co-host together on video calling platforms

The most commonly used tools for podcast creation are video-calling platforms. You and your co-host can together record your conversation to create a podcast, no matter where you may be.

Record and edit your podcasts with Audacity 

Audacity is a free editing tool for audio that can help you refine your podcast and remove any pauses or mistakes that hinder the smoothness of the program. 

Use Google Voice for recording calls

Google Voice is a smart voice calling application for all devices where you can make and receive calls that can be recorded. So if you are planning to have a guest speaker or want to do live streaming calls, you can use Google Voice for an easy experience.

Use Freesound for some funky sound effects

One way to make your podcast more entertaining is by using some fab sound effects. Freesound is the answer to all sound snippets and pieces you can use to make your podcast more fun. You can also try PremiumBeat for any type of music you may need for the podcast.

Create the transcript easily with Google Recorder

An essential part of podcast creation is to provide your listeners with a script to read, a cumbersome task that can be easily done with the help of a tool like Google Recorder.

Google Recorder is an application that can automatically pick up the audio and transcribe it. Once you are done, stop the recording, save the file and share it. 

Create promotion logos and social media posts with Canva and Stencil

A very important part of having a successful podcast is using marketing tools to get the word out. Use these tools to create some eye-catching posters to be posted on your social media and design yourself a logo that tells the world about your podcast. 

You can use both platforms for free before signing up for the premium or pro version.

Manage your social media marketing with Hootsuite and Buffer

You can schedule your posts to be put up across all social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and YouTube and invite more people to tune in to your podcasts.


Podcasts are fun. We, at Freelance2Freedom, love podcasts Check out some of our interesting stories here and share your feedback and thoughts with us!

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Frequently asked questions

1. How do podcasts help marketing?

  • Podcasts have become an easy way to grab the attention of your audience and captivate their interest in your product or service. 

2. How do podcasts make money?

  • The most common way for podcasts to make money is through advertisement, sponsorships, and endorsements. The larger the audience of the podcasts, the more money it would make.

3. What are the key features of a podcast?

Here are some important things to keep in mind while making podcasts:

  • Use quality equipment
  • Focus on the enunciations
  • Do not let your podcasts be too long
  • Be consistent with adding new podcasts
  • Engage the audience with witty remarks
  • A good sense of humor will ensure it is not boring
  • Get good guests for your podcast
  • Come up with catchy titles for the podcast

4. What are the different types of podcasts?

Broadly, podcasts can be divided into 6 major types:

  • Narrative podcasts
  • Interviews
  • Scripted fiction
  • Co-hosted or solo
  • Panel show
  • Hybrid of any of the above

5. What is a good way to make your podcasts more interesting?

Here is how you can make your podcasts more interesting and engaging to the audience:

  • Tell a good story
  • Make sure to have a sense of humor
  • Ask for feedback
  • Ensure that you stay on the topic
  • Get expert opinions

6. How do I make my podcast popular?

Here is how you can make your podcast popular and get more followers:

  • Build an email list to reach out to potential listeners
  • Use social media to advertise your episodes
  • Post podcats on your channel regularly
  • Ask for reviews from your listeners
  • Ask your listeners to share your podcasts with their friends and family
  • Join a fellow podcaster as a guest to reach their audience
  • Get endorsements from social media influencers

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