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Dropshipping In The Middle East: A Brief Overview


October 26th, 2021 21:24

Dropshipping in the Middle East: A brief overview 

A sales model such as dropshipping, comes with both opportunities and challenges. With very little staff and storage involved and conducting all business online, dropshipping in the Middle East is a perfect option for those looking for low-budget business opportunities.

When starting a dropshipping business in the Middle East, the first thing you could do is find the right niche. If you have a target group in mind, you would be able to drive your sales in the right way. You can find the efficient time zone, trends, and the right products through analytical tools such as Google Analytics.

Dropshipping in the Middle East

In cities, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the world of eCommerce is booming. There are multiple products that can be sold under a dropshipping model. You can do your research well and start an online website for your products.

There are various dropshipping suppliers in the Middle East; therefore, you would have to find a unique niche so as to stand out from your competition.

Possible challenges

One of the main challenges of dropshipping is finding reliable dropshipping suppliers in the Middle East as many niche products and services are not being sold locally. Many such suppliers are located outside the UAE; moreover, to build trust with an outside supplier might be difficult.

This, however, can be achieved but it could take some time before you achieve a comfortable space with a supplier. 

Starting a dropshipping business without money

Dropshipping businesses do not require a heavy financial investment. You should network well and build connections as building a stable business could take time. You should also remain consistent in your approach and keep going. However, it is important to have some financial capital saved for worse-case scenarios.

Starting a dropshipping business with some investment

Having some investment can help you kickstart your business. You can invest in building an advanced website. You can hire the services of an agency in the UAE or a freelance website designer for the same. With a dropshipping business, a freely accessible website is an essential factor.

You should invest in ensuring that your website is not slow or has too many ads. Once you expand, you can invest in diversifying your services and provide additional products and discounts for your customers. 

Price your services strategically

There are some efficient ways in which you can know the needs and demands of your personal group.

With the help of social media, you can understand the trending products among your target audience. Accordingly, you can work in tandem with your supplier. You should always ensure that you never compromise on the quality of your products.

You should also check the strategies being employed by your competitors, including their pricing elements. It is essential to price your services strategically so as to give your business an edge in the market. Check your local competitors and examine the prices of your competitors and set your costs in such a way that it does not lead to any losses.

Essential factors to consider:

  • Follow up with your clients before and after the order is done. The greater the service will be, the more you will be benefitted from their word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Conducting marketing campaigns if you have the capital to invest in them.
  • Analyze and test your dropshipping products from different cities in the Middle East. Ask your friends to make an order from different pin codes; this can help you conduct a real-time check and also receive additional feedback for your site.


Dropshipping in the Middle East is an easy process, but it takes a lot of planning. It is often a trial-and-error method; however, you should not give up at any point in time. 

Frequently asked questions:

1. Is dropshipping legal in UAE?

  • Dropshipping is legal in the UAE, but you would need to take a trade license for your business. If you only have to sell your products online in the UAE, then an eCommerce license will work. However, you should check with your local authorities before starting a dropshipping business.

2. Do you need a license for dropshipping in the UAE?

  • Yes, to engage in any trading activity in Dubai or the wider UAE, you will require a trade license.

3. Is it legal to sell online in UAE?

  • Under the law, residents must secure a license to operate a business before selling anything. Failure to comply with this law will make any online business illegal and is equivalent to paying penalties.

4. Can I sell on Amazon from the UAE?

  • With Amazon's state-of-the-art tools, you can sell on Amazon UAE with ease. Amazon UAE is one of the most popular eCommerce shopping destinations in the country. 

5. Can you dropship for free?

  • You can start dropshipping for free, but you will need to spend money sooner or later.

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