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Freelancing In Singapore: A Brief Guide1


December 5th, 2021 18:46

Freelancing in Singapore: A brief guide

Freelancing in Singapore has a wide scope and is increasingly proving to be lucrative. Freelancing allows you to earn a side income based solely on your skill and hobbies. You can simply put away a few hours from your day and create a side hustle, i.e., freelance in the location you wish to and one that suits your skills. And what’s better, it will also add an income stream to your finances. 

In recent years, Singapore has proven to be one of the most encouraging and convenient countries to carry on business activities. From the years 2007 to 2016, Singapore has topped the Ease of Doing Business index and has now been classified as a country that is conducive to businesses. Hence, if you are planning to begin your freelancing journey in Singapore, it can indeed be hassle-free and fruitful. 

In order to start with your freelancing venture, it is important to know that being a citizen or a permanent resident is a prerequisite to starting a freelance career in Singapore. 

You will also need to check the local freelancing laws in the specific region you intend to work in and procure any stipulated license. Generally, the freelancing regulations in Singapore are comparatively relaxed; however, certain specific trades would require you to have a license. Apart from the abovementioned points, here are a few things that can help you get started with freelancing in Singapore. 

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Freelancing in Singapore: Essential factors

Choose your niche

  • Choose your niche from an industry that matches your choice as well as your skills. After you choose your niche, you can start researching the market and gain knowledge about the market trend, consumer choices, and competition analysis.

Increase your online presence

  • Write a blog related to your work, make a page on Facebook and Instagram, be active with your work updates on LinkedIn, and basically, do everything you can to leverage the social media platform to increase your outreach to your audience base in Singapore. 
  • You would need to get the word out in order to market your freelance business. You can work on your brand name and come up with a unique way to leverage social media marketing.


  • Increase your network either through the means of social media or by attending events. Find people in your field with whom you can mutually benefit or who can recommend you to others. Recommendations matter a great deal in freelancing and can help you get more projects. 
  • Target a particular industry and attend important events that are held within the scope of it. You can identify the relevant people there which could get you a lot of exposure and gain knowledge that will go a long way in your freelancing journey in Singapore. 

Decide your terms

  • Freelancing gives you the flexibility of deciding your own terms. Make use of this leeway and choose an option that best suits your interests in terms of both time and money. 
  • Market research will reveal to you the prevailing and reasonable prices and the expectations of the other party. You can, accordingly, align your interests on these lines and come up with a fair, reasonable, and yet, profitable contract. 

Singapore laws do not require you to mandatorily get your business registered. If you are running your business under your full name, then you are not bound to make a registration. Moreover, usually, freelance work is taxable in the country, therefore, check the figures for your industry and prepare accordingly. Freelancing can get you both irregular and steady income, depending on the market situation, demand, and the recognition of your business. 


Freelancing can help you earn a side income; however, you would have to do your research well before you begin your freelance journey.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is freelancing legal in Singapore?

  • Yes, freelancing is absolutely legal in Singapore. However, in order to get started with freelancing in the country, you are either required to be a citizen or a permanent resident of the country. 

2. How can I get freelancing work in Singapore?

  • Identify the demand in the market and see if your skill sets and interests can help in satisfying the demand. Sign up on freelancing websites and always be on your feet to find new projects by expanding your network. 

3. Do freelancers need to pay tax in Singapore?

  • Freelancers are self-employed people. And, like any other self-employed persons, like taxi drivers, vendors, or cooks, freelancers also have to pay taxes that they earn in Singapore. 

4. What freelance jobs can I work in Singapore?

  • There are various avenues to look into while freelancing. If you like teaching, then you can freelance as a tutor. Moreover, if writing is your passion, then you can ghostwrite for others or start your own blog. 

5. How much do freelancers make in Singapore?

  • Freelancing income can either be irregular or steady. It all depends on the quality and quantity of the projects. A freelancer in Singapore usually earns between $700 and $5000 a month. 

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