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Here's Why Telehealth Is Gaining Popularity


November 21st, 2021 06:36

Why choose telehealth?

Now that we can work from home, shop online, open a bank account at a click, and even get a formal education from the comfort of our rooms, it is all credited to technology and e-commerce. 

It has advanced a great deal to bring to us one of the most essential services, both specialized and general, to our doorstep, i.e., healthcare. 

The field of healthcare is something that requires professional attention with utmost precision, in which no one would want to compromise on any aspect. While physically going to the doctor for the smallest of our needs is purposeful and satisfying, some of it can be and is, in fact, increasingly being moved to the alternate medium, i.e., cyberspace. 

This provision of healthcare through technology is called telehealth.

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What does telehealth entail?

Telehealth essentially includes access to and management of your healthcare services. A myriad of facilities are incorporated in this system, which include:

  • Health education
  • Appointment booking
  • Online consultation
  • Follow-up sessions
  • Medicine prescriptions
  • Medicine purchases
  • Report viewing and management

Telehealth services begin from the moment we search how many calories we should intake to keep our cholesterol low and it has no end. More and more healthcare facilities are being moved to this alternate medium. The following are a few of the reasons behind it:

Convenient access

  • An ailment is already quite grinding and strenuous and waiting in a queue to get it checked, on top of it, just adds to the frustration. The online medium saves us this time and provides a simpler way for us to reach out to a doctor through telehealth services. Be it scheduling an appointment, buying medicines from a pharmacy, or getting your reports, these are some of the features that can be accessed online through telehealth.

Time- and cost-efficient

  • A lot of transportation and waiting time is saved by switching to this alternate medium of healthcare. You convey your desire to see a doctor or avail of any other healthcare facilities and you get a specified appointment time when you do so. This also cuts down the cost of conveyance and the hassle of traveling. Telehealth aggregators make receiving these services easy and comfortable. 

Better communication

  • When the entire world is integrated into a common communication network, healthcare workers are no exception. Easy follow-ups and improved monitoring help provide transparency between a doctor and a patient. You can even receive reminders via a text/email or phone call and maintain regular contact with your doctor without having to visit them personally, given the convenience telehealth provides. 
  • Telehealth has also been especially useful during the outbreak of the pandemic. From isolation guidance and medicine prescription to screening for the virus, telehealth has proved to be a boon globally as it has prevented many affected by the virus from stepping outside the confines of their homes. 
  • Moreover, the importance of mental well-being is doing rounds during the pandemic as the lockdown has been harsh to the mental health of a large populace; however, telehealth has made it possible to access a psychiatrist or a therapist from home and receive the required treatment. 

The prevalence and popularity of telehealth aggregators have also proven to be beneficial for healthcare workers. Improved communication between doctors and patients results in the efficient working of a clinic. 

Even a doctor’s time would be saved as the number of no-show patients would reduce and they would be better able to keep a database of your medical history and, not to mention, an increased efficacy would result in a rise of revenue. 

Hence, in the future, we might see a little more online health care practices and a little less crowd in the waiting room of a doctor’s clinic. 


Sure, not every ailment can be cured at home, many do require complete physical attention, and for that, visiting your doctor personally would be the best option. See the gravity of the disease, analyze the practicality, weigh your convenience, and make a call!

Frequently asked questions

1. What is telehealth used for?

  • Telehealth utilizes information technology and cyberspace to make healthcare accessible to people on their electronic devices. It facilitates communication between doctors and patients, without the need for a physical meeting. 

2. What is an example of telehealth?

  • One of the most widely used functions of telehealth has been consulting doctors online through video conferencing. This has become even more popular owing to the pandemic and has proven to be an efficient way of consultation as well. 

3. Do patients like telehealth?

  • Patients have had a positive response towards telehealth overall. They get to consult the doctor from the comfort of their homes. The need to wait in lines and the transportation hassle is obviated. 

4. What is the difference between telehealth and telemedicine?

  • Telemedicine can be called a subset of telehealth. The latter has a broader scope as it is not confined to only clinical services. It incorporates other non-clinical services as well, such as education and training. 

5. Are more people using telehealth?

  • Telehealth is gaining immense popularity. An increasing percentage of people have been using this facility. The pandemic has led more people to resort to this platform which has proven to be quite efficient.

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