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How To Use Notification Plugins To Aid User Retention


January 14th, 2022 08:01

Notification plugins can really aid user retention

Notification plugins and user retention are no less than art that needs to be practiced and learned. 

In an internet-based world, where everyone has more screen time than family time, user retention rate, both online and offline, is difficult to be earned. Building a business through an online presence can be compared to making a one-on-one connection.

E-mails, text messages, social media, and mobile notifications are all part of online business building. There is a certain limit, however, which all businesses should take into consideration, as clients or customers should not feel irritated by many notification plugins.  

Emails are among the most effective and these are followed by WordPress plugin notifications. Not many companies use these notifications, but according to statistics, they have twice as much click rate. 

Email updates are instantaneous; however, with emails, spam could be an issue. Your message could miss your audience if the email gets moved to the spam folder.

With plugin notifications, spam is not a worry at the least. Here, delivery is not only guaranteed but also done timely. Users will be able to see your messages right away. They just have to choose whether to act upon it or not. Users would not have to worry about a cluttered inbox or staying up to date with plugin notifications.

If your user retention rate is low, then the growth of your business or product will be less. Once someone becomes an activated member and shows immense interest in your service, then the type of notification plugins must be made different for them. 

Focussing on retaining your active members or consumers is important for your business. Increasing user retention by around 10% will also result in more traffic. It will help benefit your entire business in many ways.

Plugins for notification in WordPress have many advantages in building a business. These advantages range from providing competitive analysis and driving more traffic to increase conversion rates and collecting more subscribers.

Relying on notification plugins for business growth will help pitch in benefits.

Plugin notifications are easy to use and have high compatibility. Yes, people can switch it off anytime they like from the Settings menu. But, to aid user retention in this scenario, marketing to the right audiences is what businesses should work on.

Steps for using notification plugins to aid user retention have been listed as follows:

  • Track your retention rates on a regular basis. Use Google Analytics for the same if needed. Prepare a list, to keep a track of the time and age of the user base.
  • Decide an appropriate number of notification plugins for a particular set of users. Try to be realistic without seeming annoying to customers. Research using Analytics to know your customer base in great detail.
  • Do not be disheartened if your tactics to aid user attention do not work at first. Keep making changes in your strategies with a regular follow-up from Google Analytics.
  • Offer customer service surprises. Think of a valuable offer and send in notifications making them aware of the contest or giveaway.

An efficient way of sending plugin notifications

Create a push engage account for your website and get started with a free plan for trial. Connect your website to push engage with your customers and install the WordPress plugin.

Plugin notifications are considered an essential tool in online marketing. When you are running an online business, this is a must to focus on. The main goal of doing so is to keep more customers and influence them to stay with your company for as long as possible. 

User retention is great for your business. If there is user retention, you can rest assured that your business is also being marketed through word of mouth.

It is important to be consistent and time your notifications well in order to maintain user retention among your target audience. 

Types of plugin notifications:

  • Links to new promotions
  • Most liked or commented post or article
  • reminders
  • New product announcements
  • Upcoming festival sales
  • Any other alert


The more relevant the plugin notifications, the higher the number of users will be. Making a user stop scrolling through social media and clicking on your notification takes time, patience, trust, relatability, and consistency.

Users should feel that they are part of something bigger. With surprises, trust, and engagement, they will be able to feel this way.

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Frequently asked questions:

1. Do plugin notifications increase retention?

  • Sending zero to weekly plugin notifications results in an increased app retention rate on both Android and iOS devices.

2. How do notifications increase engagement?

  • Plugin notifications play a crucial part in engaging users with your app or website. If used with statistical analysis, notification plugins can improve app engagement by around 88%.

3. How often should you send plugin notifications?

  • For a news app, the frequency should be around 3–4 notification plugins per day that will deliver relevant breaking news. If it is a fitness brand, then sending push notifications once a week is the most appropriate way to remind users of their fitness goals.

4. How do you use push notifications effectively?

  • This can be done simply by personalizing the push notification content. Align push notifications with your in-app messaging strategy. 

5. What is the benefit of push notifications?

  • Plugin notifications are an effective way to bring back the inactive users and increase the retention rate by 3–10 times (if implemented correctly). This can be used to send users personalized offers, such as discounts, reminders, and news about the app.

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