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12 Factors To Consider When Planning To Achieve Financial Freedom


October 26th, 2021 21:24

Do you aim to achieve financial freedom?

Financial freedom is different for every individual. It depends on what a person wants and needs in life. With respect to different economical, cultural, and social backgrounds, people plan to achieve financial freedom in the future. 

Achieving financial freedom would depend on your plan and how you plan to achieve it. Some might want to retire early and some might want to keep working; therefore, there will always be diversity in the way people manage their finances.

So how can I consider myself as being financially independent?

What does it mean to save enough to achieve financial independence?

Saving enough to achieve financial independence could be defined mainly as investing in major priorities only. If you are paying for items that you need and saving the rest, you are already on the path to financial freedom.

But, this cannot be considered easy as, in today's world, there are many entertainments and other wants which are being heavily invested into. If you tend to save and not escape from the regular stressors of the fast-paced life, it could hamper your health. The following tips can help you attain financial freedom.

  • Accept and assess your current scenario

Acceptance is the key to any financial scenario. You must accept and assess your financial standing and begin dividing your income in such a way that will help you save as well.

  • Devise an achievable plan

Create an achievable plan for yourself. It does not have to be the final draft but you can make changes accordingly.

  • Analyze your goals and know your struggle

Whatever goals you may have written, it could involve a struggle to achieve them. Every goal is a result of a long-term struggle. Highlight only those goals whose struggles you are comfortable with.

  • Be prepared to make sacrifices

All kinds of achievements demand little or a lot of sacrifices. Work on goals that seem easily attainable first and then work on the difficult ones.

  • Learn different techniques to save money

This is one step that no one will be able to give you a definitive answer to. You can try and learn different techniques to save money and even use the methods tried and tested by successful entrepreneurs.

  • Research investment options

A major part of savings is investments. The investment avenues that you choose would help you earn a stable return in the long term. The stock market and real estate are profitable but long-term investments; this would require you to be patient and choose wisely or you may end up losing your money.

  • Track your goals and stay active

After making the list today, you might be active for a few weeks but may subside. Maintain your consistency; however, if you do get bored by routine then take a small break and get back to your path.

  • Do not compromise on your health

When saving for your future, it is important to not compromise on your health. After all, health is wealth, and spending all your time and energy in earning and saving money is never worth it.

  • Spend only on priorities

When spending money, ensure that you only pay for important and the stuff you need. You must avoid wasting your money on unnecessary items.

  • Have multiple sources of income

In today's pandemic-stricken world, it is important to have more than one source of income. Simply having one sole earning opportunity may not always suffice for your needs and emergencies.

  • Deposits and funds

Depending on your requirements, you can try and invest in fixed deposits and mutual funds. However, you should ensure to research well before you make your choices and subsequent investments.

  • Plan your days

Planning your daily goals and executing them accordingly can help you provide the much-needed determination you can begin your journey towards achieving financial freedom.


Stay focussed, research well, and do your best and you can be on your path to financial freedom.

Frequently asked questions 

1. How to achieve financial freedom?

  • There is no one way to achieve financial freedom. You would have to take the risk and work on saving for your future.

2. How to achieve financial success?

  • Establish goals and commit to financial planning. After this, you can analyze and determine your net worth and create an emergency savings fund.

3. How to achieve economic freedom?

  • The key ingredients to achieving economic freedom include personal choice, voluntary exchange, freedom to compete in markets, and protection of self and property.

4. How to be financially free by 30?

  • Create an extra income for yourself and control your debts. Learn about investing and practice it as much as you can and start it as early as you can.

5. How can I achieve financial freedom?

  • Investing correctly is one of the best ways to achieve financial freedom. The earlier you start and the more you invest, the faster you will be able to gain financial freedom.

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