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Marketing: Learn how to capture a swiper's attention span when selling online


November 9th, 2022 05:46


We scroll through websites as we stroll! So, we want all the information concise and comprehensible. In fact, the attention span of an average person has statistically dropped to 8 seconds per piece of information. In such a reality, winning your audience and getting them to remember who you are and what you sell becomes a challenge. So, if you cannot make your mark in the eye of the consumer within 8 seconds or lesser, you have lost a consumer.

The market is highly competitive. We are no further living in a different age where the consumer chooses a particular brand or website just because there are no options. Therefore, it becomes pertinent to have captivating content on your website.

Here are five ways to get your audience to not just swipe on your site but stay:

1. Make use of infographics:

It is a well-known fact that several consumers prefer quickly scrolling through images, giving them information in a short period rather than reading something that takes minutes of their time. Attractive infographics make the consumers stick to the website longer than just words. If you sell anything on the internet, you must have an image of it which is an unsaid mandate.

2. Use headings:

Using headings is extremely helpful. The audience viewing your website or social media post tends to read the headings first. If your titles stand out and look attractive, the consumer might stick to them for longer than a few seconds.

3. Use pointers:

How often do you read an article and go through the pointers to get what you need rather than reading the entire article? You can do this more often than you think.

Using pointers is significant because it creates a division in the information and reduces clutter on the page. It gives the audience exactly what they need, and even if they go through the pointers in 5 seconds, that would be a lot better than not going through the content.  

4. Focus on categorization:

If you are selling various categories of goods, then structure the webpage in such a format that we place the sections separately. It makes it much faster for the consumer to find the products and services. If you were to purchase groceries online, wouldn’t you prefer finding what you need under different categories?

5. Focus on quality content:

As much as consumers love going through content that takes up less time, if the content is of good quality, one would not mind staying longer.

The delivery of content must be attractive and accurate. The content must be reliable. Whether your content is short or long, the content must be of impeccable quality.

Human attention span keeps on decreasing with time. Swipers keep on increasing as everyone is hustling. The content must be such that it grabs the attention and gives them what they need. For this, one must learn about their audience and what they prefer. Headings, pointers, and structure appeal to the consumers, and dividing the products and services into categories make it easy to grab the attention of a swiper. Always work on the feedback received and give consumers what they require. Be prompt in acknowledging the feedback of the audience. It develops a relationship between the seller and consumer and is the beginning of consumer loyalty.  

Keep these pointers in mind while setting up your website so that the next time people come by it, they do not stroll away and linger long enough for your business to make an impact.


1. How can I increase my website traffic without SEO?

  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Ads
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Link Building Strategies
  • Interact With Other Blogs

2. Which type of website gets more traffic?

Written content helps in increasing website traffic.

However, videos are the most successful content form for attracting visitors to a website by 34.3 percent of respondents. For 25.3 percent of responders, visual material is the most effective traffic generator.

3. What is good website traffic?

Anything less than that is considered below ordinary, while about 50% is considered good. When you acquire new visitors to your website, some of them will "stick" (come back). Therefore, you should always be attracting new visitors.

4. How do I promote my website on Google?

Set up a Business Profile on Google My Business if you want to advertise your website to a local audience. Register for free and make your business highly visible to potential clients looking for items and services in your area.

*Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

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