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7 Persuasion Techniques For B2B Cold Emails


October 26th, 2021 21:24

How to send cold emails to clients

It is indeed a wonder how modes of communication have vastly changed in the past few decades and sending cold emails to clients has become a major marketing tactic

Emailing has been unbeaten by the winds of change and marketing through email has been a primary mode and top choice of marketing professionals for decades. The email has proved itself to be an economical and successful tactic to grasp new customers.

So why is it that email wins over the more advanced ways of marketing?

It is not a generic cold email that will fetch you the results you hope for. The reason for the success of cold email for B2B marketing is the personal touch it brings to your effort to woo new customers. 

What matters is how you write a cold email, that is with utmost care and constructed in a way to catch the attention of potential customers. 

Here are some persuasion techniques that can help you increase your response rates to B2B cold Emails: 

Give the answer to any problems

While reaching out to potential customers, it is important to identify why they should be interested in buying what you have to sell? What is that problem of the person or organization that you will help resolve?

The answer to this should be the center of your email. Phrases like “Let us Help You!” or “Problem? Not anymore” can prove to be attention-catching and get the recipient interested in your product.

Stick to a crisp email

An important part of grabbing attention is to send out a to-the-point email

This is because the brevity of it did not waste my time and rather got me interested. A simple and blunt email is better than a long explanation of everything you have to see.

The aim is to provide just enough information to stir up curiosity and let them reach out to you for information, be it on the number you provide or your website.

Focus on the words you choose

A simple aim to write a cold email is to resonate with your potential customers rather and show them how doing business with you can help them. 

So along with a to-the-point mail, you also want to steer away from fancy words and complicated sentences. It is advisable to not let the language get too robotic and aloof.

Make good use of the subject line

The subject line of your B2B cold email is your first impression of the other business. So it is quite natural for emails to get rejected or opened based on the subject line. A catchy subject that can ignite sufficient interest in opening your email is a big step closer to the objective. 

While doing this, avoid deceptive lines as it is the easiest way to be tagged as spam mail.

Personalize the content

A natural human reaction is to be inquisitive about something that is directly addressed to us. A Dear NAME amplifies the response rates of B2B marketing cold emails. The best thing about personalization is that your email will not reek of a marketing pitch.

Make no errors, at all!

In a non-personal cold email where your reputation is at a make or break point, there is no room for errors. Use of spell-checker, grammar-checker, and a thorough proofread is strongly recommended. 

You can use any of the online tools like Grammarly that have made this trouble-free and painless.

Follow up

More often than not, you will not get a response from the other side. However, this is no reason to assume that someone isn’t interested. Sometimes, following up on a cold email is how you can nudge someone to write back to you and strike a deal.

But there is a thin line of difference between following up and spamming and you should stay miles away from the latter. A good way to avoid this is to wait for some time before you follow up. Don’t jump to send another email the very next day. 


There is an uncountable number of cold emails being sent out daily. Statistics have shown that the approximate number of emails sent and received every day in 2020 is 306.4 billion.

Marketers are deducing new and better ways to get the attention of the recipients every day. In such a scenario, your primary goal is to make your pitch stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

Then comes the effort to make the recipient interested in your pitch. The bottom line is to do something different. The generic template you can find on the first link when you Google ‘cold email templates’ is not your way to success in this.

Frequently asked questions

1. What’s the meaning of cold email?

  • A cold email is an unsolicited email marketing method used by marketing professionals to boost sales. Cold emails can be sent to the recipients even without any prior contact.

2. How do I start cold email marketing?

  • Start by building your list of recipients. The next step is to curate a succinct but informative email that ignites interest. The final step is to remember to follow up.

3. When should I send a cold email?

  • Studies have shown early mornings and late evenings to be the best time for sending cold emails as the response rate is almost 45%.

4. Can I cold email from Gmail?

  • Gmail allows you to merge and send bulk emails that are personalized for every recipient. One way to speed up the process of cold emailing is to use Google Sheets along with Gmail.

5. How long should a cold email be?

  • A cold email should be short and precise, i.e., the body should not contain more than 2 to 5 sentences, containing approximately 250 words. Some experts also suggest that 50 to 100 words should be enough to make someone curious and get a response.

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