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Affiliate Programs to Scale Your Revenue in 2022


January 31st, 2023 14:09


Ever visited a cooking blog & see all the ads and links for buying the fancy kitchenware used by them? Well, it might look like a simple act in service of convenience, but there is an entire process that plays here. 

Affiliate programs are arrangements where a merchant website pays the affiliate website to help them increase traffic to the merchant website. You add links as an affiliate to various products and services available on the retailer website. For instance, you manage a fitness blog with numerous visitors every day. You can enroll in an affiliate marketing program with a company that sells yoga mats. 

Once you have made the arrangement, you post ads or links on your blog that would lead your readers to buy products through your affiliate company website. Through this process, you can earn a commission for every product purchased.

There are three parties involved in the process of affiliate marketing. The first party is the seller, who has a product or service that requires marketing. The primary goal of a seller is to increase his customer reach; therefore, he pays an affiliate to market his product.

The second party involved here is the publisher or affiliate. The affiliate promotes the products in a manner that appeals to the public.

They persuade the customer by showing them the value of the product. If a customer purchases the product, the affiliate gets paid a commission. The third party in this process is the customer, the link between the affiliates and the seller website. 

The seller and the affiliate earn money when the customer clicks on the link and purchases the product or service. It is, however, to note that it is not only when a customer purchases a product or service does an affiliate get a commission. 

There are several arrangements through which an affiliate could get paid.

Affiliate Marketing


As mentioned above, when a customer purchases something from the company's website after coming through the affiliate, a percentage of the sale price is for the partner. In this method, the affiliate only gets paid when they buy a product.


Through the pay-per-lead model, they compensate an affiliate after the merchant receives prospects for their company or website. 

It is the cost-per-action or pay-per-action model. A prospect or customer must perform a task like signing up or downloading software. When they complete it, the affiliate gets compensated.


In this arrangement, the affiliate gets paid for increasing the traffic on the merchant’s website. They redirect the consumers from their website to the vendor's website, and the vendor pays the affiliate a commission on the customer traffic on his website.

An affiliate program is ideal for startups looking to promote their products and increase their customer base. Affiliates could include individuals, bloggers, and even companies that can help promote and market the product offering of a startup. 

The startup can pay a part of the revenue to the affiliate. It allows the company to attain more customers by browsing through its products. Moreover, the startup will also be able to increase its revenue through the boost acquired by the traffic and customer purchases. One benefit of using affiliate programs to market a product is that it is a remarkably cost-effective way of marketing compared to paid advertising. 

An affiliate website can help your startup expand its brand presence. Therefore, the seller's product gains the exposure it needs; this makes it an effective growth hack for escalating users and revenues.

Before choosing an affiliate marketing program, you should ensure a few things - the website you choose to advertise on your website must offer good-quality products and be reliable.

Thus, if your readers receive poor-quality products, your reliability might also be questioned. In such cases, you might end up with a drop in your readership. Moreover, you must ensure that the website you partner with for affiliate marketing compensates you on time. 


1. Is growth hacking well?

Growth hacking is a terrific way to jumpstart your business, test new ideas, and evaluate which strategies work. Marketers should be hands-on to pick up where growth hackers left off: developing strategies, maintaining client interaction, and keeping techniques fresh and relevant.

2. What is growth hacking in SEO?

SEO growth hacking is a type of digital marketing that aids firms in improving their search engine ranks, especially Google. When organic website traffic stops and its rankings in Google's SERPs get stagnant, they turn to growth hacking in SEO.

3. What is a growth hacker job?

Growth hackers significantly boost the potential of company growth. By examining performance and goals, experimenting with tactics, testing outcomes, and implementing solutions, they focus on initiating and increasing market expansion for businesses.

4. Who is the best growth hacker?

  • Sean Ellis -
  • Noah Kagan -
  • Nir Eyal -
  • Lincoln Murphy -
  • Karol Pokojowczyk -
  • Andrew Chen -
  • Sujan Patel -
  • Hiten Shah -

5. Why growth hacking is the best?

With growth hacking, you can transform your passions into cash instantly. You can start monetizing your product faster than you could with old means if you develop buzz and acquire new people quickly. Positive cash flow (and earnings) will ensue as a result.

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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