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Artificial Intelligence In The Present: How Are We Using AI Today?


October 12th, 2021 15:04

AI in the present day

Artificial intelligence has brought about a revolution in the present time. Over the years, technology has penetrated our world and daily lives. Transhumanism is a movement that has gradually developed over the past few decades with Artificial intelligence into play.

It is based upon a belief that with appropriate science and technology, humanity can be significantly changed for the better.

Advocates of transhumanism believe that the human species in its present form is merely a developmental phase and the status quo can be transformed through technologies that enhance human intellect and physiology comprehensively.

The status quo has indeed undergone a shift. A great deal of tasks has been delegated from humans to machines so much so that algorithms now assist humans in discerning their own preferences.

The Logic Theorist, being one of the first artificial intelligence programs, emulated humans’ ability of problem-solving. It symbolically proved mathematical theorems. Although its function was restricted to that gamut, artificial intelligence has shown a rapid advancement in its journey during the following years. 

Now, utilizing this resource is no different than conversing with an actual human. From financial investing and travel booking to disease screening and media streaming, AI has permeated every wake of life.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of some of the purposeful and prevalent usage of AI in the present day:

Voice assistance and chatbots

Alexa, what is the significance of voice assistance and chatbots?

Well, Alexa would in all likelihood agree to the fact that these features have brought about an appreciable amount of convenience for an average person. Be it doing a web search, ordering food, playing music, or placing an order, a simple voice command can get the work done in seconds. 

Moreover, the increasing use of chatbots on websites and applications has provided a better redressal system to customers and has expanded approachability. This indeed is a great tool to leverage artificial intelligence in today’s business landscape. 

E-commerce recommendation

Websites showing similar products and services based on your viewing activities and previous purchases offer a better purchasing experience. It makes a customer more informed about the available choices and helps in price comparisons

The algorithm is based on the activities of a person browsing a particular website and aims at providing a well-rounded experience and is, therefore, a prominent example of artificial intelligence in our daily lives. 

Medical diagnosis

Gone are the days when it would take a significant amount of time for doctors to diagnose a disease. Now, machines have learned the pith and substance of medical diagnosis. AI diagnostics has evolved to detect the signs of a particular disease even at an early stage. 

Artificial intelligence today has brought about immense improvement in cancer diagnosis, among other conditions. In fact, currently, the screening and testing of COVID-19 have accelerated owing to the developments in AI.

Web searches and smart compose

You might have come across a joke doing the rounds deeming Google as a woman because it seems to know everything! While checking its veracity isn’t possible, the know-it-all quality of Google can surely be attributed to Google AI which is a division specifically dedicated to its artificial intelligence. 

This tool strives to assist web surfers to have an expedient and smooth sailing experience whether it is related to language identification and translation or text and photo search.

Even Gmail, its brainchild, has the Smart Compose feature, which is one of the recent artificial intelligence trends. It detects the subsequent words and phrases and makes the emailing experience more expedient.


AI in the present day makes route guidance simpler and resourceful by providing the necessary and live developments on relevant routes, thereby making navigation easier. Even applications displaying the time needed for a driver to arrive are an AI-based model. 

The prediction of the system can improve the quality of a journey and avoid any possible hazards while being time-efficient as well.


Advancement in AI has reached a stage where faces, bodies, movements, or unusual behavior can be easily detected and analyzed by the system. This model has become an immensely useful tool for government agencies and other organizations as well.

A mere combination of AI with the installation of a digital camera will not only capture a picture but also bring a lot of clarity to the bigger picture, i.e., surveillance.


Being nothing less than a marvel, artificial intelligence has penetrated into the very core of everyday life. However, like every coin, this too has a flip side. With the increasing use of AI and the replacement of the human brain with that of a machine, privacy concerns have also soared. 

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is AI used in today?

  • Artificial intelligence is widely used in everyday life today. Among other things, it provides customized recommendations to people based on their online trends and helps businesses plan their inventories, logistics, and other functions. 

2. Is AI the future?

  • Artificial intelligence is having a great impact on the present and resultant future of businesses, governments, and individuals as well. It drives technological advancement and usage and is expected to continue being a catalyst and innovator in the future.

3. What is the main objective of AI?

  • The primary goal of artificial intelligence is to enable technological devices to perform cognitive tasks such as decision making, problem-solving, and even communicating. 

4. What examples of artificial intelligence do we use in our daily lives?

  • Some of the common examples are Google Maps, Chatbots, E-payments, Face Detection, Biometric Scanner, Social Media, Text-editors, Autocorrect, Digital Assistants, and Online Banking. 

5. What are the impacts of artificial intelligence?

  • Artificial intelligence can immensely improve workplace efficiency and is increasingly being used to substitute various tasks that require human assistance. From conducting searches and gaming to riding in s self-driven cars, AI has a great deal of potential and utility. 

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