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Best Freelance HR Jobs in UAE


January 27th, 2023 08:54


Businesses have witnessed a shift in how people work as more people switch full-time office jobs for remote and hybrid roles. As a result, freelance HR jobs have become one of the most popular careers! With more online HR tools and software available, freelancing HR jobs are more viable nowadays.

The HR department oversees employee recruitment, training, management, and deployment. The other opportunities in HR include conflict resolution, negotiation, and fair labour practices. This article will look at some of the most popular freelance human resources careers in Dubai, their average salaries, necessary skills, qualifications, and reasons for pursuing a freelance HR position.

Careers in Human Resources You can Consider for Freelancing

If you want to pursue a freelance HR career, here are some opportunities to consider:

Human resources assistant

A human resources assistant's primary responsibility is to assist HR managers and other executives with various administrative tasks. Writing job descriptions for employee recruitment, checking references, scheduling interviews, and sending employment contracts are part of the process. They keep records of employees' work performance, absences, grievances, payroll processing, compensation, and termination. They also maintain the HR manager's work calendar, schedule meetings and interviews, coordinate training and HR events, and write HR reports.

Recruitment Coordinator

Many companies entrust recruitment coordinators with finding qualified candidates for open positions. In most cases, the recruitment coordinator collaborates with HR executives to identify job openings and write job descriptions. 

Candidates are recruited through applications, databases, online job boards, social media platforms, and professional networking sites. They screen candidates, schedule and assist with job interviews, and provide management with recruitment process reports.

Human resources coordinator

Human resources coordinators are responsible for various administrative tasks for a company's human resources department. They collaborate with HR managers to handle employee recruitment, orientation, training, and records. They also conduct employee performance reviews, process payroll, and generate HR activity reports. They also resolve conflicts, schedule meetings, conduct interviews, and manage HR events. They conduct research and stay current on HR trends and best practices in the industry as part of their job.


Recruiters collaborate with a company's human resources department to identify recruitment needs and assist in hiring. They source, screen, and interview candidates for available job positions, write job descriptions and post job advertisements. They negotiate employee salaries and benefits, prepare work contracts, and provide company management with recruitment reports. Recruiters must stay current on job requirements and labour laws to be effective.

Human resources generalist

Human resources generalists are professionals in charge of a company's internal and external human resources. They are in charge of hiring, training, and employee relations. They also create company policies and guidelines, comply with regulations, and maintain employee databases. In addition to preparing HR activity reports, they monitor budgets and payrolls and stay current on HR best practices.

Employee relations manager

An employee relations manager deals with various issues concerning employee and company management relations to maintain a harmonious work environment. Employee relations managers investigate situations and offer counselling when necessary, in addition to processing employee complaints. Their understanding of mediation and negotiation can assist them in resolving workplace conflicts and sensitive issues. Relations managers collect employee feedback, and best practices and programmes for improving employee relations are gathered and analysed.

Human resources manager

Human resources managers manage a company's recruitment process. They screen candidates, interview those who are shortlisted, hire employees, and arrange for onboarding and training. They also keep department records, evaluate employee performance and pay, and ensure workplace health and safety compliance. HR managers act as middlemen between executives and employees, enforcing disciplinary measures and resolving disputes.

Labour relations specialist

A labour relations specialist negotiates and bargains with unions on behalf of company management. Labour relations specialists can draft specific proposals and regulations to facilitate collective bargaining using their knowledge of labour laws, economics, and wage data. During bargaining meetings, they assist and advise the executive managers, and they prepare labour proposals and contracts. In addition, they implement and manage labour relations programmes. They also handle employee grievances, handle disputes, and take disciplinary actions.

Recruitment manager

Recruitment managers, also known as recruiting managers, supervise hiring operations in collaboration with recruitment agencies and companies. They are in charge of locating qualified candidates, scheduling and conducting interviews, and making hiring decisions. They use recruitment software, manage recruitment databases, forecast hiring needs, implement effective recruiting practices, and follow labour laws. They also write reports for company management and attend industry events to build professional relationships.

Director of human resources

Human resource directors, also known as "HR directors," are in charge of a company's human resources department. They manage employee recruitment, design training programmes, keep employee records, manage employee relations, and assess staffing needs. They manage budgets, create compensation plans, implement HR strategies to meet business objectives, and ensure legal compliance.

As an HR professional, you may assist employees in resolving work-related issues and becoming more productive at work. You can help them grow professionally, learn new skills, advance their careers, and earn more money. Improving employees' workplace experiences can increase their job satisfaction. Knowing that you are assisting other employees may lead to a more rewarding career in the long run.

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