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Best Productivity Apps for Freelancers


March 5th, 2024 05:37


"Well begun is half done" This quote by Marry Poppins is downright one of my favourites and has been a source of real inspiration. Indeed, we will not reach our destination until we start the journey. 

Every freelancer faces difficulty managing their time and keeping up the efficiency of their work. Being your boss sounds rosy until you also have to be in charge of your productivity levels. The beauty of the digital world is that it offers you as many solutions as distractions. You have to choose how you put the boon of technology to your best use.

Best productivity apps for all freelancers:

Work Collaboratively with Trello

Trello is the program you should use to plan, organize, and collaborate on anything. You can use it on your own to increase productivity or as a hub for project management for large teams. Managers and team members may rapidly analyze activities performed, work that still needs to be done, and who has been assigned what by viewing the various steps of any project.

Transcribe Your Meetings with Otter

Freelancing involves a lot of client interaction, and some clients have much to say. So do you spend your precious time scribbling down every vital piece of information? Well, it is time to do things differently.

Otter is an app for taking notes and transcribing that combines voice, speaker, and transcribing. Want to know how it operates? It can differentiate your voice from the interviewee's voice. The app saves you time, allowing you to concentrate on finishing the task at hand and boosting productivity.

Control Your Social Media Addiction with Flipd

If you, too, check your notifications the first thing in the morning and have almost been hit by a car because you were on your phone, welcome to the club of social media addicts! 

But, of course, we have a solution for you. 

Flipd is a program that helps you manage your social media addiction by preventing time-wasting websites from loading on your computer and phone for a predetermined amount of time, or permanently if you like. As an outcome, you will spend more than four hours every day doing something else—something that is unquestionably more beneficial than using social media.

Organize Your Tasks with Evernote

Well, I will cross off writing this article from my to-do list now! 

I love Evernote. It has helped me to keep track of all my To-dos and manage all my work, big or small. And not just making to-do lists, but with Evernote, you can do various little chores freelancers need to do, from scanning handwritten notes to sharing information with a co-freelancer, from talks to writing down thoughts.

And to top it off, you can sync it on your mobile phone and desktop. So Evernote away!

Boost Your Per-Minute Productivity with Focus Booster

Time is money, yet time isn't always our best friend when completing tasks and projects as a freelancer. But Focus Booster is here to help you. This focus timer is on the Pomodoro technique of time management.

The idea here is to divide your working focus time into sections for 25 minutes and take small breaks. The technique has proved to increase focus, minimize getting overworked, and achieve high productivity levels. 

Mind Map your Way through MindMeister

If the brain is a lock, mind maps are the key. Here is the best tool for all creative freelancers to visualize all their ideas in a single place with an easy mind-mapping tool. With this application, you can collaborate with your fellow freelancers, understand the concepts better, explore your thoughts, colour code for clarity, and more. 


There is no single straightjacket formula for increasing productivity, and it is very similar to each concept. Finding the right application that works for you, and there is no shortage of options. So don't be afraid to give different applications a chance and see what works best for you.

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