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Digital Advancements made by the UAE


January 31st, 2023 14:07


Digital advancements, enhancements and developments have been the key to the transformation of many economies globally. The UAE economy has seen a massive increase in the use and dependence on technology owing to their large-scale investment in the digital world. 

Read more about the digital advancements made in UAE over the recent decades. 

UAE’s Digital Transformation

UAE has been one of the most progressive countries in investing in digital technology and transformation. UAE recognized the importance of digitization and the role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in achieving digital transformation.

To this end, since 2000, UAE has been setting up the Dubai Internet City (DIC), where global ICT companies have set up their regional offices and provide opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to establish themselves. 

Owing to the large-scale investment made by UAE in this complex structure, today, over 1,600 technological giants have set up their companies and are operating out of DIC. A DIC-based ad-tech company called was sold for over AED 3.3 billion in September 2019.

It further encouraged the government to continue investing in digital technology. The UAE ranked 6th in the online services index and 17th globally in the eParticipation Index as per the United Nation’s E-Government Development Index 2018, evaluated over 193 countries. 

Artificial Intelligence in the UAE

Inspired by the response to the digital transformation initiative in Dubai, the UAE government launched the ‘UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence (AI).’ 

The UAE government used AI even during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Police in UAE used smart helmets with thermal cameras to safely detect those infected with the virus. The helmets are equipped with face recognition sensors and vehicle number plate identification. It helped them identify those who violated curfew timings or travelled without necessary permits. 

Robots and drones were also employed to sterilize streets and devices which sprayed mist to sanitize paths used by paramedics were also put to use. Such devices detect movement and spray disinfectants only when people pass through them and are therefore energy efficient. 

Another significant aspect of artificial intelligence is its use of big data and blockchain systems. In furtherance of this, the UAE government has:

1. Launched the open data guidelines

2. Adopted open data policy

3. Launched the Dubai Data strategy that aims to optimize data for data providers. 

4. Adopted and passed the Dubai Data law to protect individual privacy.

5. We launched DubaiPulse, a platform that provides computing and storage services, core analytical services, and big data services under one roof.

It is in this light that the UAE Government also launched the Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021 by promoting the use of blockchain. 


UAE has undoubtedly seen a massive boom in digital development and therefore procuring job opportunities in the technological field. It has massively helped several people have a secure source of income even during the global pandemic. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the achievements of the UAE in the field of technology?

UAE is emerging as a technological hub and has managed to achieve several landmarks over recent years. Some of its notable achievements in the field of technology include:

1. Winning the Bid to host Expo 2020

2. Launching of the UAE Space Agency

3. Reaching Mars for the first time with the Hope probe

4. Developing UAE’s first-ever Artificial Intelligence Strategy in 2017

2. Is the UAE technologically advanced?

Over the recent years, UAE has made heavy investments in first-class IT infrastructure while contributing to science and technology-based innovations. It has significantly improved UAE’s reading in international indices measuring Networked Readiness and internet penetration even in educational institutions. 

3. What are the inventions of the UAE?

Some of the notable recent technological inventions of the UAE include:

1. Wastology: A smart composting system 

2. The Anychair: A furniture solution for rural communities

4. How did technology change UAE?

The country’s high internet penetration and government bodies’ readiness to embrace technology, with the substantial increase in smartphone ownership in UAE over the past years, has transcended every aspect of life in the country. 

Technology now rules and governs almost every aspect of life in the UAE, including work, leisure, payment methodologies, healthcare communication and governance. 

5. What is the role of innovation in UAE Vision 2021?

UAE Leadership emphasizes believing in innovation being the future of all human investment and therefore is the key to all sectors through UAE Vision 2021. 

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