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Experience Or Ambition: What To Look For When Hiring For Your Startup?


October 26th, 2021 21:24

Experience or ambition: What to look for when hiring someone?

Hiring for startups is one of the most gruelling tasks of setting up a new business. It is time to formulate the dream team that will ensure the success of your idea and implement your plans. A start-up requires people who will run the company and help you achieve your vision of it.

An indispensable part of the process is to know what to look for when hiring someone. There are two kinds of people you will meet. One who has a ton of ambition but lacks experience, and the others are veterans of their fields but may lack the appropriate ambition for working in a start-up. 

It is rare to find a person who possesses both, plenty of experience and appropriate ambition to work in a company that is only beginning to work. If you do find someone, don’t think twice and hire right away.

And so the core question is raised: What holds more value while hiring for a start-up? Ambition or experience?

Well, the answer cannot be objective. It is to be determined on the basis of a number of factors that must be considered in hiring employees. Let’s take a glance at them. 

What will ambition get you?

An ambitious employee is like giving a set of wings to your new endeavour. Active minds with great ambitions bring in an abundance of zeal. Their creativity is the perfect propeller for a new beginning. And with their unbeatable motivation, they are your answer to what you are looking for when hiring someone to push your startup beyond limits.

An ambitious recruit is also easy to mould in accordance with your hopes for the start-ups. Most ambitious ones come with clean slates and their eagerness allows them to learn quickly. They have no set ways that need to be broken. They enter your dream project and fit in like a missing piece of a puzzle that you always needed.

A fresh perspective is another asset of the ambitious ones. With a lot of ambition comes the passion to do things in a different way. Look at it like keeping the organization young. An ambitious person brings optimism which is a great assurance for the entire team.

Moreover, ambition is compelling and infectious and helps to keep the team spirits high. The ambition of your recruits work as an inspiration to everyone else and keeps them driven as they strive to be the best version of themselves.

What will experience bring in?

While the raw and ambitious recruit does sound like exactly what you need to be hiring for your start-up to fly high, the experienced recruit brings in the indomitable and matchless worth. A visionary who has seen it all: the good, bad and the ugly is the impeccable alpha who will be the front-runner of the organization.

Without powerful and experienced leadership, your start-up is like navigating using a map even when GPS is available! The business proficiency that they will bring will considerably reduce your failures because they have been there and they have done that! 

Providing the team with a guiding light and a master strategist is essential to ensure the smooth running of your start-up. Experience also allows one to command respect for their peers and subordinates.

To top it all, an experienced recruit can handle important managerial decisions and assess the needs of different stakeholders involved. Experienced people come with contacts in the industry and a wide pallet of responsibilities they can handle. There is no dearth of the hard-earned wisdom to be passed on.

Conclusion: So what is the right choice to make?

There is no right or wrong choice here. You can’t possibly choose one over the other. For it to be lucrative a start-up needs both ambition and experience.

An experienced person is the best pick to hire for the leadership positions in a start-up and providing them with a team of ambitious and motivated employees is how you extract the best out of their experience. 

What your start-up will ideally need is a blend of both. Experience will ensure that the soaring flight of your start-up is not momentary. While ambitious employees are the pieces of the puzzle, it is the experience that will ensure they are put in the right places and form the perfect fit.

Take a cue from how much Peter Parker needed Tony Stark to mould him into an Avenger. Iron Man kept Spider Man’s gigantic ambitions in check and helped him to realise his true potential as an avenger.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I hire someone with no experience?

  • An advantage of hiring someone with no experience is that they bring a fresh perspective to the team. Moreover, they are willing to challenge the status quo easily and work with tremendous zeal and passion.

2. What should I look for when hiring?

  • Some important qualities to look for when hiring are:
  1. Potential for long term
  2. Passion
  3. Ambition
  4. Experience
  5. Vision
  6. Ability to work in a team
  7. Compromising nature
  8. Responsiveness

3. What are the top strengths that employers look for?

  • Employers look for the following strengths in employees:
  1. Communication abilities
  2. Ability to put a plan to action
  3. Ability to organise and work in a planned manner
  4. Ability to work in a team
  5. Loyalty to the team and company

4. How do startups hire employees?

  • Start-ups hire through various means. In addition to conventionally hiring on application and taking interviews, startups also hire through friend circles, social media, personal recommendations, etc.

5. Who should startups hire first?

  • The key to beginning the work is to start by first hiring the managerial positions like CEO, COO, Sales and Marketing Managers, CFO, etc.

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