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Factors To Consider Before Becoming A Millennial Entrepreneur


May 18th, 2022 12:55

Being a millennial entrepreneur

The words millennial entrepreneur ring the bell of risk and courage in our minds. After all, at such a young age, how can someone gather enough resources to start their own business? That must have taken a great deal of commitment, fortitude, and given up their stable jobs. 

While the first two terms hold true, you need not put your whole life at stake to succeed at entrepreneurship in your early life. In fact, various eminent millennial entrepreneurs who began small have now paved their way into the big leagues.

If Mark Zuckerberg hadn’t launched Facebook at the age of 19, the advancement and prevalence of social media would probably not have been of this magnitude. 

Young people and their innovations and creations relate more to the public, hence if you’re waiting in the wings for your perfect moment, then let it be known that you need not wait any longer. Prepare your part, gather your props, and get going!

And while you’re at it, here are five things that you may keep in mind before becoming a millennial entrepreneur:


Planning is always the first step to begin a venture. It helps you calculate the risks and channelize your strength. It provides a blueprint for your course of action which can be referred to while executing the same.

In order to plan, you have to define your vision and mission and even redefine them, if need be. Planning can help you foresee the possible pitfalls and be prepared to face them. In this way, the losses or threats can be minimized and your output can be optimized, and this will set you on the way to becoming a millennial entrepreneur. 

Tech-savvy approach

Optimum utilization of technology is a great edge that millennials can have over the other generation. Millennials understand technology much better as they have grown up with it and have been privy to its development. 

Being a millennial is often synonymous with being tech-savvy. And businesses can make good use of technology to further their activities smoothly and efficiently. Hence, take advantage of this opportunity and exploit it to its fullest.


The significance of networking in the business industry can never be overestimated for millennial entrepreneurs. The younger generation shows a lot of zeal and commitment towards their professional life and, therefore, are welcomed by the elder and more experienced entrepreneurs. 

Put yourself out there, attend the relevant events, introduce yourself to people who you believe can lend a helping hand to you in any manner, and connect with them on professional platforms to keep in touch. 

Moreover, you may contact or collaborate with other mushrooming businesses and learn and work in tandem for a project. All in all, get out of your bubble and make yourself and your business be visible.


The yearning to be financially independent in the young generation is no joke. While that is a good objective and a great motivating factor to carry on an activity, it should not be the focus for at least the initial years for a millennial entrepreneur. 

Generally, every business operates in losses for the first 1-2 years. Use these years as opportunities to focus on every other aspect of business, i.e., customer orientation, quality of products and service, and establishing goodwill in the market, all of which can help you be in the industry for the long haul.

Hence, be business-oriented and not profit-oriented.

Content marketing

The advent and popularity of social media, which is found in all walks of life, personal as well as professional, should also be seen as an opportunity. There are several platforms on one social media that you can utilize to advertise your entrepreneurship venture as a millennial. 

The market now harbors a great deal of competition; therefore, advertising and content marketing can take you a long way in standing out from the crowd. 

You can collaborate with other businesses or influencers, who are revered on social media. This will increase the outreach of your business and help you target more customer groups.


While being a millennial entrepreneur is no cakewalk, it is no ordeal either. If you conduct thorough research of the market and of the potential of your business to sustain and flourish in the market, you can begin manifesting your idea into a reality. However, keep in mind that the world of business is unpredictable, hence, put on your seatbelts, be prepared, and enjoy your ride!

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is a millennial entrepreneur?

  • Millennial entrepreneurs take a different approach than traditional entrepreneurs. This is because their sole focus is not making only profit but rather taking a holistic perspective of business, which they define with different parameters. 

2. How can a millennial entrepreneur succeed?

  • Millennial entrepreneurs have to have specific goals and leave no room for ambiguity. They should keep away from distractions or anything that would deviate their focus from the goal. Moreover, networking and collaborating can go a long way. 

3. Are millennials more entrepreneurial?

  • The drive to be financially independent is more than ever in the millennial generation. And not just financial independence, they also value independence and flexibility in general. Therefore, there seems to be a great entrepreneurial spirit in the millennial generation. However, this can be open to debate.

4. What are the limiting factors for millennial entrepreneurs?

  • Mostly, millennials find money to be the major roadblock to entrepreneurship. Being of a relatively newer generation, many of them are not established to bootstrap a company. Moreover, depending on the jurisdiction, certain regulations may prove to be a hindrance as well. 

5. What types of businesses are millennials starting?

  • For most millennial entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is not a facet of their lives but a lifestyle itself. Millennial entrepreneurship has penetrated several fields including food and beverages, apparel, entertainment, art, and music.

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