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Guide to Bring Your Next Business Idea to Life


January 30th, 2023 13:12


“There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.” – Seth Godin

Quoting Seth Godin, to ensure that a business idea succeeds, it is necessary to have a strategic plan to execute it on a solid foundation.

When you have a great business idea, the excitement can propel you into an aggressive launch. According to statistics, more than half of all businesses fail within the first five years. Businesses fail for various reasons, but poor planning is usually the root cause. But with an appropriate launch, your business can really thrive!

Here are a few steps that you can use to turn your business ideas into reality:

Investigate the Market

You may think you have a brilliant business idea, but is there a market for it? To ensure that your idea meets a need, conduct a thorough market analysis of your concept and the target audience. Start by conducting a SWOT analysis of your proposal, identifying its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Going through the process will assist you in evaluating and refining the concept at a high level—questions to consider include:

1. What is the market for your idea?

2. Who will buy it if it is a product?

3. Who will use it if it is a service?

4. Who else in the UAE is doing this?

5. Are they successful, and why?

6. How much can you charge for your product or service?

2. Create a Financial Plan

If you're considering setting up a business, it's essential to create a financial plan for the company. The more thorough your market research and financial plan, the better your chances of attracting investment. Take a professional approach and ensure that you have a written agreement with potential investors.

An accountant or business startup consultant can assist you in developing a business plan for your company. It must include accurate projections of overheads, cash flow, income, profit/loss, and investment stages. Of course, these figures will be largely hypothetical, but they must be grounded in reality.

3. Market Your Product or Service

You've determined that there is a market for your idea and that the numbers add up. It is now time to market your concept. You must be able to describe what you're selling quickly and clearly. Because potential customers have a short attention span, you must capture them in seconds.

Begin with the advantages. What benefit will your product or service provider to its customers? What requirement or problem will it address? Explain it in terms your target customers will understand in less than 30 seconds. When Apple's Steve Jobs introduced the iPod in 2001, he didn't describe it as an MP3 player with a 5GB hard drive. He described it as having "a thousand songs in your pocket." The audience immediately understood the proposition. When you're satisfied with your messaging, put it to the test with friends, family, or your startup consultant.

4. Establish Your Brand

The most successful businesses are instantly recognisable in various ways, including their name and logo, strapline, colours, imagery, and tone of voice. All of these elements contribute to their brand. A strong brand does not require a large, established company. You can create a new brand that quickly gains popularity and recognition by paying attention to all these factors.

Consistency is essential. Your brand must be a consistent reflection of your values and the values of your target customers. Consider your product or service as a person or an animal to help you develop your brand personality.

With the assistance of a branding expert, you can translate your brand personality into a look and feel, as well as a tone of voice, with brand guidelines to ensure consistency. The consistent application of these guidelines across all aspects of your marketing gives your concept life as a brand.

5. Form a Legal Corporation

You've developed and tested your big idea and are now ready to launch your business formally. There are several ways to accomplish this in the UAE. On the other hand, cutting corners may jeopardise your company before it even begins. Using a reputable company formation specialist is the best way to set up a legal company. They will listen to your needs, explain your options, and recommend the best action. They can also handle all the paperwork, open a corporate bank account, and ensure that you remain legally compliant.

When turning a business idea into a reality, patience is essential—applying the steps to avoid building your house on shaky foundations. Most importantly, communicate the process. Take professional advice and listen to constructive criticism. After all, this could be a life-changing experience.

We hope we have conveyed all the necessary information and wish you luck.

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