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How to Correctly Onboard a Client?


July 15th, 2022 08:53

Trying new things is not easy and can make you nervous. But that doesn’t mean it necessarily has to.

When new client has chosen to work with you or engage in your services for themselves, they are bound to have many questions that make them anxious. Did they make the right decision with you? Are you worth their investment? Is this a beneficial deal for them? Will this work or not? 

Many such questions are bound to crop up in a client’s mind as they are onboarded. 

So today, we bring tips for onboarding a new client and ensure that you give a smooth transition and acquaintance to a new client with your business. 

First, let us understand what it means to onboard a client. Client onboarding means familiarizing a fresh client with your business and acquainting them with your services through which they can realize their desired outcome. 

In other words, during an onboarding process, you will introduce the client to how you conduct your business, attend to their many queries, and share resources to understand your business and build a good customer relationship. 

Why is it essential to have smooth client onboarding?

1. It will give you a higher client retention rate. 

2. With retention, the lifetime value of a client can also increase as they may get on board for additional services that you offer. 

3. It helps you understand your client and their expectations better. 

4. You will have happier clients who are more likely to be satisfied with your business and their decision to engage with your brand.

5. They will be more likely to give your referrals which is one of the best ways to grow a business. 

How to Correctly Onboard a Client- 3 Easy Steps

Now that you know what client onboarding is and why it is vital, here are three easy steps to ensure you are doing it correctly. 

Step 1: The Beginning: Laying Down the Groundwork

In the first meeting with your new client, you must focus on learning and understanding your client’s needs to ensure them you can fulfill all their expectations. It is your chance to strike a strong relationship with the client and build confidence.

Take time to review the goals, the deliverables you wish to achieve together, and the process of achieving them.

Step 2: Send a Welcome Package

Once there is an official agreement between you and your client, it is time to extend a hearty welcome to the client. A welcome package can include various things such as

1. A Welcome Email to guide them about what is next!

2. Information regarding your client support system 

3. Gifts and Goodies such as Notepad, Pen, a Tee, Tumbler, etc.

4. Few resources like brochures, guides, policies, FAQs, and other material that help them acquaint themselves with your business. 

Well, onboarding a client is a tedious process for both you and the client, and with such resources in a welcome package, you can make a new client comfortable with your business and put them at ease. 

Step 3: Follow Up and Take Feedback

One of the easiest ways to offer a smooth onboarding of a new client is by regular follow-up. Make sure you take detailed notes of what your client say and ensure that you clear all their queries.

Always try to make the client understand the whole process of how you are proceeding in the future as your project kicks off. An email or a quick phone call is the best way to go about it.

And ultimately, try to offer the best customer service to your clients!

Pro Tip: Get Client Onboarding Software

For a smooth onboarding process, you can invest in a client onboarding software that will help you with ready-to-use templates to create the necessary resources such as FAWs, policies, brochures, etc. Moreover, you can make tutorial videos and interactive presentations to help onboard your client more structured manner. 


The keyword to a successful onboarding of a new client is steadiness. Don’t make haste. Go slow! So, you don’t get sloppy and miss out on crucial details. The more exhaustive you are with this first step of your project, the better your future relationship will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should we include in a client onboarding?

Here are some crucial steps of client onboarding

1. Agreement and Payment

2. Kick-Off Meeting

3. Welcome kit

4. Follow-up

5. Refine and Improve the process

2. What is an onboarding playbook?

Business uses an onboarding playbook to ensure consistency and uniformity in their customer experience. It consists of a repeatable process or framework for every new client or customer.

3. What makes a good client onboarding experience?

The most crucial thing to do is to keep your client engaged. Always make sure that you exhaustively explain your process and resolve as many doubts as possible at the initial stage. 

4. What are the 5 C’s on Onboarding?

The 5 Cs of onboarding are:

1. Compliance: Make sure that the new client understands your company and its policies

2. Clarification: Resolve all doubts and queries exhaustively and at the earliest possible opportunity.

3. Culture: It is significant to blend new clients into the company culture and acquaint them with your values.

4. Connection: Forming a meaningful connection is essential for a successful project.

5. Check-back: Follow Up and take feedback at regular intervals. 

5. What makes a good onboarding email?

Here is how you can make a good onboarding email

1. Keep it warm

2. Keep it engaging

3. Don’t get too salesy

4. Reflect your business’ values

5. Show gratitude and enthusiasm for the future

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