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How to Find Clients as a Freelancer in Dubai?


March 1st, 2024 08:14


Freelancers manage contract work part-time or full-time and often sign contracts before beginning tasks. Depending on the terms of the agreement, the client may be charged per project, per job, or per hour when hiring a freelancer. Short-term assignments are standard for freelance tasks, while happy clients become regular clients. But as a freelancer, it is often difficult to maintain a steady client base.

As a new freelancer in the UAE, you still need a steady clientele or job. The primary characteristic of a successful freelancer in Dubai is the capacity to look for and discover clients. As a freelancer, it becomes one of the most critical problems for you to solve.

Here are some practical ways to help you build and sustain your client base:

Start with the people you know first: 

One of the biggest mistakes freelancers make is waiting for clients. Take an inventory of the people you already know as a place to start your client search. You already have a group of potential customers, but you probably aren't aware of it. People in your family, friends, past classmates, and former business contacts could all use your freelance services or recommend you to individuals who do.

Use word-of-mouth advertising: 

Our daily lives are already heavily influenced by technology, but guess what? Consumers still tend to believe suggestions from real individuals. This form of marketing and promotion is successful and very efficient. People are more likely to consider recommendations from friends, family members, or even online reviews of other individuals than traditional advertising.

For a freelancer, this can be a fantastic source of new customers. If you used to work at the workplace, ask your former co-workers if they know anyone who might require your skills. It will be simpler to create the core of your client base if you have more or fewer devoted individuals at first, and you may also train your approach.

Identifying the intended audience: 

Identifying the target audience is your first responsibility. Being a freelancer requires a clear understanding of the product you deliver, who it is intended for, how it differs from alternatives and its advantages. So, the first step is to describe your product thoroughly. Consider the issues your product or service will help to resolve and how you may make your customer's life easier before submitting it.

Create a profile on social media: 

A marketer's instrument of choice is social media. These can be helpful to a freelancer as well. Remember that a freelancer's social media profile is not a personal page but your business card. Here, you can and should highlight your accomplishments, provide examples of successful cases, and post articles on relevant topics. Utilize specialist networks for professionals, such as LinkedIn. Provide precise details, make your page accessible, and let people send you messages. 

Attend professional events and look for clients: 

You can network with professionals in your field by attending professional gatherings like seminars and conferences. Yet, everything must be done correctly here. It's best to hold off on talking about yourself and your activities when you first meet someone. It's best to learn about the background, occupation, interests, and concerns of the person you speak to at such events. Adapt your communication to your interlocutor. It resembles a target audience evaluation. 

Seek referrals from past clients: 

Once someone has hired you, ask them to spread the word about you to their contacts. Referrals from friends and family are priceless! People they know and trust value first-hand accounts from freelancers.

Prepare a portfolio: 

Spend some time right away building a gorgeous portfolio of your work to be designed when you learn about a promising lead or wish to apply for a freelancing position. Ensure clients can quickly access it by emailing a PDF or using an internet link to your website. Also, you can have a stock of pre-printed products prepared for delivery by mail or courier. Update your portfolio frequently with examples of your most outstanding work, and make sure it is flexible enough to be easily customized for each customer.

These are some ideas to find clients as a freelancer in Dubai. Use these techniques to build your clientele now. Good luck!

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