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How To Repurpose Content For SEO


October 26th, 2021 21:24

How to repurpose content for SEO?

The current generation focuses more on content than the one presenting it. An individual is often drawn towards a channel or account that is highly content-driven. Therefore, repurposing content according to the platforms has now become a necessity.

The content-centered public will recommend and share things only when they will find them to be useful and beneficial. And creating new content every day is no piece of cake. 

Creating new content

When creating new content, it is important to maintain a sense of originality. This technique is being implemented by almost every company and they are repurposing or making multiple content pieces out of one for SEO. For instance, LinkedIn has more of a professional audience and Facebook has a personal audience base; therefore, by adding or changing a few relevant words or lines in the same content piece, one content piece can be used on both platforms.

The main factor to be taken into account when planning how to repurpose content is that it should serve the right purpose on whichever platform it is being posted on. The best content is the one that is unique in its approach; keeps customers engaged by offering them planned strategy/analysis; and has good visuals, graphics, write-ups, and production value. 

Also, one should be aware of the posts created by competitors and the trending themes and topics they are working on to be better. No matter if it is repurposed content, it should organically push the customers to click on any mentioned link or source. 

There are a plethora of social media platforms and creating new content for each site would be quite a difficult task; therefore, this approach seems to be quite relevant for the competitive industry.

How can repurposed content be used for SEO (search engine optimization)?

With accurate research on Google Analytics, one can find primary and secondary keywords that can help market one's product, brand, or service. By using these keywords for particular channels, one will be able to generate the right customer or fan base. This will help to successfully optimize one's articles for search engines.

For instance, on Instagram, using the relevant tags and hashtags make the most difference. It can help showcase one's posts to a wider audience. One advantage of repurposed content for social media is that the audience of all channels will be targeted separately but still appropriately.

On LinkedIn, the hashtags used are comparatively different. When posting on LinkedIn, it is important to use a more direct approach and be professional. The captions created would also depend on the type of company and product one is looking to market.

On YouTube, titles and metatags are the most important and there are limits to that as well like the hashtags on other platforms. So, ensure to use only the relevant ones.

One should ensure to not use random metatags, hashtags, or words in their posts. Every single factor matters when one is organically trying to build their audience.

Follow these steps before repurposing old content

Make a list of things or factors that would need to be added up on respective social media platforms. Blog titles must be relevant and the content of the same should either be trending or informative. 

After repurposing the content, choose the required visuals or graphics and then look for the best-possible metatags or hashtags. Check the approach of the competitors before posting and ensure to use the permitted number of hashtags.

Through Google Analytics, one can even check out the time frames for all platforms when the public is most active. After the posts have been created, perform a quick analysis on what worked best and worst and which channel, platform product, or service got the most support from.  


Repurposing content is surely easy and less hectic but can take a lot of time to implement. For efficient SEO, it is a great way to market one's brand or posts to one's target audience.

Frequently asked questions

1. What does repurpose mean?

  • Repurposing refers to giving a new purpose or use to a particular thing which, in this case, is content.

2. What are some ways to repurpose content?

  • One can turn a blog post into an ebook or guide or vice versa or a blog article into an infographic/ short video. There are other ways as well.

3. How to repurpose blog content for social media?

  • One can create infographics from data or step-by-step information and post quotes on Instagram or Facebook. One can also use blog posts for Facebook and YouTube videos.

4. Why repurpose content?

  • Repurposing content has a number of benefits, such as reaching a new audience. Some users prefer visual infographics over text statistics. Reformatting one's content for different mediums could help one appeal to more audiences and extending their reach.

5. How to repurpose your content?

  • One can start by creating new blog posts and articles or Pinterest instructo-graphics. One can then repost and re-promote it on social media platforms.

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