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How to start an Airbnb business as a side hustle? Checklist for Requirements & Marketing


January 4th, 2023 10:39

Everyone wants to make a side income! Side hustles are trending now. Apart from the primary income, people rely on secondary income to maintain their expenses. Having a side income makes you financially stable. Who can say no to extra bucks?

There are many ways to make side income- the Airbnb business is one of them. How to make money through Airbnb? Want to know more? Read along!

Know everything about Airbnb

Airbnb is a popular short-term home rental site. It offers unique opportunities for hosts and guests globally. Since its inception in 2007, the company is expanding to nearly every country. The platform had over 4 million hosts, 5.6 million active listings, and over 800 million guest stays (as of September 2020).

Airbnb is an online accommodation marketplace allowing hosts to list rental spaces, from private rooms to entire apartments and houses! Is it interesting? You can make money as a side hustle if you have available space. Airbnb could be great to start as a side hustle to earn an extra income. Perhaps you can even turn it into a full-time business.

How does Airbnb Hosting Work?

The first step in getting started on Airbnb is to create a listing. We'll go over how to make your listing stand out in more detail later, but you'll want to include all information, have clear, well-lit photos that showcase the space, and emphasize what makes your spot unique.

Set the price for your listing. You can change the pricing depending on the day of the week or the time of year. The platform provides an optional Smart Pricing tool, which automatically adjusts your listing's rates based on local demand, seasonality, and other factors. It is free to list on Airbnb, but once someone reserves the space, the company charges the host a 3-5% service fee.

Airbnb provides a Host Guarantee, which can provide up to $1 million in property damage protection, and Host Protection Insurance, which can provide up to $1 million in liability coverage. Some countries and programmes are not covered. 

You can consider purchasing additional insurance.

Steps to Starting a Successful Airbnb Business

We'll discuss what you can do as a host to help your Airbnb business succeed. An inviting description, well-staged photos, and a high host rating can all help to increase the appeal of your listing to potential guests.

Get a relevant license and permit from the authorities

Obtain permission from your landlord, co-op board, or homeowners association, if applicable.

Find and prepare your Airbnb space

Whether it's a single room with a shared bathroom, a private wing with its entrance, or your entire home while you're away for the weekend, you'll almost certainly need to invest in the space.

Set your price

Fix your price based on basic parameters such as affordability, audience and market.

List your space

Make an accurate list; don't exaggerate or withhold information about problem areas.

Checklist for Requirements and Marketing

Positive reviews will boost your host rating and your search ranking on the Airbnb website, potentially leading to more bookings in the future. Airbnb cites cleanliness, providing essential amenities, accurate listing details, a smooth check-in process, and proactive communication in receiving positive feedback.

Establish Your Brand

In a crowded marketplace, you must make your Airbnb business unique among the competitors with your brand. An established brand is the foundation of effective Airbnb marketing because it fosters long-term trust and loyalty.

Boost Your Business with Facebook

According to the most recent data, 52% of travellers use social media to get recommendations when planning a trip. Surprisingly, 42% of Facebook posts are about travel, making Facebook the ideal place to promote your vacation rental business.

Get Instagram Savvy

Although Facebook can produce excellent results, Instagram is the place to be right now. You can utilize Instagram if you want to reach a younger audience. Instagram is a great place to reach out to millennials and Gen Z travellers. 

Create a Video to Promote Your Rental Property

Creating a video promoting your vacation rental is an excellent way to generate interest in the audience. A video allows viewers to see and experience your property in ways that photographs cannot.

Create A YouTube Channel for Your Brand

YouTube is one of the most popular video sites and the internet's second-largest search engine, trailing only Google. YouTube has 1.9 billion global users, and video content consumption by its users is increasing. So why don't you use it for relevant marketing of your Airbnb rental space?

Create videos of your Airbnb and upload them on Youtube!

Collaborate With Social Media Influencers

Working with well-known influencers is an effective Airbnb digital marketing strategy. Numerous travel bloggers on Instagram and YouTube can assist you in gaining exposure for your company.

Get Creative with Your Airbnb Marketing Strategy

To stay ahead of the competition, you must be creative. You can attract more bookings and solidify your position as a top Airbnb host by going the extra mile to provide real value to your audience.

Now you have all the information about how to start your Airbnb business as a side hustle. Start your side hustle and manage the marketing to grow the business. 

We wish you all the best.

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