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Idea to Business: How to Start a Digital Business?


November 23rd, 2022 05:27


The Internet itself has been a revolution. Is any aspect of our life that has remained untouched by the internet? 

Today, we have even moved from the traditional in-person interactions for business to not even moving from our home desks to start one. Most businesses derive their value these days from the technology they use. A Business such as this is commonly called a digital business. 

So, what is the difference between a digital business and an e-business? While the former uses technology to launch itself, e-business is an existing business using technology to increase its relevance in the present dynamic era. Digital businesses are such an integral part of our everyday life. Do you know that daily taxi you book for your office or that mid-day Facebook status update? All of them depend on digital-based businesses.

Step-by-step guide to building a digital business:

Step 1: An Idea

So, how might one get started in a digital business? Believe it or not, the most crucial first step in this process is to determine the idea. Yes, you should brainstorm for that one right idea that works out. Analyze your interests and find your niche. It could help narrow down your search for the idea.

Step 2: Evaluation

Before you jump start on the idea alone, you will need to evaluate the logistics of the same. 

What purpose does this idea serve? Who is the target audience? What consumer-centric problems does it solve? These are just some essential questions you should evaluate and work on before going ahead with the business. 

Step 3: Market Research

You have your prospective business idea. Now take time to test the waters. 

You need to analyze your consumer base, but study your competitors, similar products in the market, and what will set your product apart. We recommend having a detailed analysis of the market.

Step 4: Select your target audience

Once you create the idea, you must evaluate the market and research to identify the target audience. Your research about the target audience helps you direct and channel all efforts in the right direction by marketing the product to those that need it.  It has a higher chance of growth rather than appealing to a large market with no interest in your product. 

For example, if one is building a digital business that acts as an interface connecting tutors and students all over the world. The platform offers students attend private or group lessons on various subjects from skilled tutors. The target audience of such a business would be professors, schools, universities, and others involved in the education industry.

Step 5: Get feedback on your idea

So now that you have finally built a well-researched business model, it would be ideal to receive feedback on the same.

We do not recommend getting feedback from friends and family, as their opinion might not be honest. Getting feedback from strangers is a good idea, as that would be unbiased, truthful, and useful. One of the ways to receive feedback is by sending surveys over emails to contacts in your inbox.

Step 6: Select your selling platform 

If your digital business startup idea requires you to develop a mobile application, for the execution of the same, you would want to look into the development of an app. If you do not know how to code, several websites provide one template and ways to design applications without coding. 

If the investment in your idea is substantial, consider hiring an app developer. One of the other ways to do a digital business is by setting up a website. 

One of the other ways to do a digital business is to set up an e-shop. Various websites allow you to set up an e-shop with ease. An ‘add to cart button and connecting a payment mechanism is the simplest way to set up an e-shop. You must determine the online platform for sales. Choosing the right platform depends on the investment you put into your digital business. 

Step 7: Monetization

Monetization is the one aspect that determines the growth of the business in the long run. You can use AdSense for monetization. This tool places ads next to the content on your website. You are paid for publishing the ad of an advertiser on your site. Several ad-related tools help receive income from the website. 

Advertising is a part of monetization. You must be putting up ads on your site. And companies pay you for that. If your ideas can create informative content, you can give customers a VIP membership to ensure loyalty and a tool for monetizing. Individuals must determine the monetization tools to suit the digital business idea the best and follow through in that direction.

Step 8: Build a relationship with customers

Customer satisfaction leads to customer loyalty, so you must build a foundation and a relationship with the customers by making purchases/using your product. Almost every website/application requires customers to create an account or input an e-mail id. 

Once they register their email id, you must send a welcome email to the customer. A personalized message from the startup business owner makes the customer feel valued and is the beginning of building a relationship with the customer. Over time, you must maintain the relationship with your potential customers.

There are several steps involved in taking an idea to start a venture. From coming up with the idea to executing and launching it, it feels like nothing less than a rollercoaster ride. Everybody has an idea or something of interest. 


The only difference between an ordinary person and a business owner is that a business owner takes a step through the uncertain path of success. With determination, skills, and a great idea, nothing is impossible.


1. What is digital business?

Digital business takes the help of technology to formulate new business strategies, give it a new platform, and reach out to a broader target clientele. It enhances customer experience and instills efficiency in the functioning of a business. 

2. How do I start my own digital business?

Identify the area where you hold the expertise and choose a niche accordingly. Come up with relevant products or services and find the best ways to market them to the target audience on the e-commerce platform.

3. What online business is best to start?

Currently, businesses surrounding social media are flourishing online. These include becoming a social media manager, an SEO consultant, starting a digital marketing firm, etc. Otherwise, many physical stores have moved their business online and benefit from the exposure.

4. How do you create a digital business?

Start by creating a precise business plan, including the product idea, marketing strategy, target client identification, distribution channels, etc. Then plan for its smooth execution and always leave room for unexpected changes. 

5. How do I digitally advertise my business?

The internet provides various ways to advertise your digital business. It includes e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing in this day and age. 

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Photo by Roberto Cortese on Unsplash

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