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Innovative Ways to Use QR Codes as a Freelance Entrepreneur


March 1st, 2024 07:36

Ever since the evolution of the internet, freelancers benefitted the most since they can do many things while sitting anywhere in the world, from getting a project online to getting paid online. Online payments have become an essential part of our lives, which later became the main reason behind the invention of UPI, which comes with QR codes. In today's article, we all discuss the innovative ways to use QR codes as a freelance entrepreneur.

How do you create a QR code in marketing?

Using QR codes in marketing is as limitless as your imagination, whether you add one to your email signature or use it as a unique watermark on your work. Here are 13 ways to use QR codes to enhance your marketing efforts and become a freelancer.

1. Upgrade your showcase by using QR codes

Portfolios offer a glimpse of a project's general scope, but it can be challenging to convey the careful consideration and work you put into it. If your work contains videos or animations that a PDF can't adequately represent, include a Flow code that scans the complete experience. Let's say you want to land a big job. In a matter of minutes, create a unique flow page with samples of work related to that project. For different kinds of work, such as clients in the beauty business, home improvement, B2B, healthcare, and more, you can have various Flowpages ready.

2. Upgrade your business card with QR codes

Punch cards and paper business cards are frequently misplaced and neglected. Much more helpful is a plastic, reusable one with a Flow code that people can tap or scan to immediately transfer your contact information. You can print a Flow code sticker that links to your data and attach it to your laptop or phone.

When you can connect to multiple pages, why link to just one? A Flowpage is a mobile-optimized landing page allowing you to link to numerous pages while tracking user click-throughs. In this manner, you can learn more about what someone is searching for when they scan your business card LinkedIn banner or click the link in your email signature.

3. Accept Venmo payments from clients who don't have currency

Don't let the inability to take card payments prevent you from participating in any event where you might have the chance to meet new customers, including street fairs, live music performances, and farmers' markets. To access their Venmo page, customers can scan a Flow code.

4. Provide free templates and material for download

Create free planning checklists, journaling templates, infographics, trip itineraries, or anything else your target audience might find helpful. Include a CTA (Call To Action) after that, along with a Flow code. Link to a deal they might be interested in or a Flowpage with additional offerings.

5. Add a Flow page to your LinkedIn banner and email greeting

It would help if you always were doing so even when you're not promoting your business. Consider Flowpage to be a virtual company card. Facilitate contact, social media following, and website visits for prospective customers.

6. Add watermarks using QR codes to your work

With Flow codes that point to the website where image rights can be purchased, photographers can watermark unlocked copies of their photography without adding a watermark. With the help of Flow code's QR Code Generator, you can create a code and put it on top of any image you like in 30 seconds!

7. Print a QR number on your products

A great way to increase brand recognition is with swag or branded merchandise with a QR code. To help measure brand recognition, you can include a custom-designed Flow code instead of just a logo or tagline. To get started, simply opt-in to Flow code's QR Code Generator.

8. Print QR tags on your videos.

Are you organizing a webinar or internet gathering? QR codes may alter the management of an occasion. Through Flow code, include an offer in your gathering. Or create a virtual backdrop with a code that participants can scan during the session.

9. Present a client when a job is complete

Send whatever is suitable, including flowers and champagne. A kind deed is a great chance to request a ranking and review. Add a flow code containing the URL for the thank-you note and observe the results.

10. Make the most of interviews with the media

Use a Flow code to develop innovative methods to extend your 15 minutes of fame. It is a fantastic method to monitor the outcomes of campaigns and PR expenditures. Just add a QR Code or flow page to any video you create to start tar.

If you are a freelancer, you must be familiar with online payments and QR codes, but you might need to learn how to use QR codes. We hope we have explained the usage of QR codes as a freelance entrepreneur and could be of any help. 

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