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Instagram Marketing Tips For Beginners


May 18th, 2022 12:50

Instagram marketing for beginners

Instagram marketing for beginners is no ordeal. A photo album, a video gallery, a life journal, a shopping mall, a social battlefield, or simply, a potpourri of interconnected lives, Instagram is nothing less than a second world itself.  

Harboring billions of active users, it provides a platform to one and all to increase their outreach, among other things. It has proven to be a great marketing tool recently, with the advent of e-commerce and the influencer trend. 

Big or small, mostly all businesses are optimally utilizing this medium, and if you too are wondering to jump on the bandwagon, then do it already! Instagram marketing for beginners is not half challenging, and if you are prepared, you can begin anywhere, anytime, and you won't need to be a marketing guru for this.

Here are a few Instagram marketing tips for beginners to pave their way:

Setting up

The first step after making the marketing profile would be to make it public and turn it into a business profile. 

Added benefits of a business profile include getting your performance statistics, terse information about your industry and your contact, which makes approachability easier for the viewers or potential customers and getting to publish promoted advertisements.

You may also add relevant links in the bio, which can lead the viewers to the main website. Moreover, ongoing offers, if any, can be mentioned at the top itself to keep the viewers engaged and make them aware of the concessions.

Optimum utilization of tools

There are various tools Instagram marketing has to offer. You simply need to recognize and utilize them.

Business accounts on Instagram have the added advantage of including links in their stories. This swipe-up feature makes an easy path for the viewers to land on the merchant website.

Additionally, photo, video, collections, and carousel ads can be posted in different formats and be made available on the feeds of the viewers. The Explore segment of the platform also showcases stories, posts, and advertisements from a myriad of sources. 

An Instagram marketing beginner should leverage these opportunities. 

You can also use the relevant hashtags to make a wider presence. Instagram also provides a tool that can help you target your audience if you haven’t already. Hence, determine your budget and chalk out which advertisement strategy suits your business the best.


Whether it is the food, fashion, cosmetics, travel, technology, or even the health industry, influencers have infiltrated social media, particularly, Instagram. 

With a large number of followers and consistent content posting, they have become ubiquitous on the platform. People look up to them for lifestyle inspiration and since they have a great outreach, the products and services they promote get wide recognition as well. 

Depending on your business needs, target audience, and budget, you can collaborate with an influencer and broaden your publicity as well.

Feature customer reviews

As a new business, increasing your credibility becomes an extremely important part of your Instagram marketing strategy. Keeping the page updated with customer reviews containing realistic pictures will help others repose their confidence in you. 

Relevant applications

You may also take the assistance of other applications to make your posts engaging, well-organized, compelling, and even to manage your advertisements.

You can use these applications to create a theme for your profile and manage posts accordingly, change the resolution of your posts, and even schedule your uploads as per the time and date they are most receptive.

Engaging posts

Making your followers a part of your advertising campaign can be purposeful as well. You can either initiate a giveaway or a contest requiring them to spread the word about your business or you can encourage user-generated content

This entails users to post media on their profile that features your product(s). It will help your business reach out to more prospects.


Using Instagram as an advertisement ground can help create a direct link between you and your customers. It is currently the most-used social media platform.

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Frequently asked questions

1. How do I promote my business on Instagram?

  • In order to indulge in active marketing on Instagram, make sure that you have ample content stocked up. You can choose to collaborate and use appropriate hashtags to remain relevant. 

2. Is Instagram good for marketing?

  • Instagram has proven to be a great marketing space that also provides marketing tools, both free and paid. It houses millions of people and therefore, is a great way to increase outreach and customer base. 

3. How do I start Instagram marketing?

  • The first and foremost thing to do is to create a business account and lay down clear objectives. Then, research and target the relevant audience and consistently publish content to engage with them and spark their interest in your brand. 

4. How do I market my small business on Instagram?

  • After setting up your Instagram account, be consistent in sharing good quality content and using the appropriate hashtags. You may also reach out to other small businesses and start cross-marketing or collaborating for better outreach. 

5. Is Instagram good for small businesses?

  • Instagram can be a great marketing medium for small businesses. Not only does it provide opportunities to increase the outreach and engagement of the brand, but it also allows direct purchases and collaborations. 

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