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Lifestyle Influencers: Design Thinking To Make Your Journey Easier


May 31st, 2022 08:36

Design thinking and lifestyle influencers

What does it take to be the next lifestyle influencer? Can anyone do design thinking? Or are there certain requirements for the qualification? Is it easy? These are some of the questions that may be on your mind.

In today’s social media-influenced world, new thoughts and designs have become a secondary subject. People are spending hours daily scrolling through their feeds. To get their attention during this fast-paced scrolling is indeed a task. And people who successfully do that are mostly influencers.

Lifestyle influencers: Design thinking processes

Lifestyle influencers help build a thought process. They influence people to make lifestyle choices based on their own experiences and charms while building a substantial following. Their followers also shape their opinions based on what the influencer thinks and bringing about this change is not an easy task.

Through design thinking, influencers are able to reach out to the masses through five steps:

Step 1: Empathize

  • Research your users’ needs and work towards understanding their thought patterns.

Stage 2: Define

  • Understand the common issues surrounding your users’ needs.

Stage 3: Ideate

  • Create ideas for your platform beyond the common assumptions.

Stage 4: Prototype

  • Begin forming or creating solutions.

Stage 5: Test

  • Try your solutions with your audience or a target audience group.

The way design thinking has shaped the world of online content is beyond our comprehension. They have brought about major changes in lifestyle, thinking, and various other aspects. People are constantly looking for inspiration online regardless of the type of content.

Some of the major questions that could come to mind include those such as how exactly do influencers do design thinking? How can influencers help the audience identify their niche? How much can they influence people in designing a set of thinking? What is design thinking?

For budding influencers, the following steps for design thinking could help in making their journey easier.

The audience is a priority:

From mental and physical awareness to a review about that new product, everything informative that you would want to learn or share would be beneficial to your profile and could contribute to design thinking. 

The audience is always a priority. Creating content that they love and could learn from would help in building a loyal following for your profile or platform.

Consider the ongoing trends:

The way you create a post or a story about your experience is also important. It is essential to create content that will not bore people easily. Find ways to keep your audience engaged with your content and stay consistent.

Consider the ongoing trends and keep up with those. Putting your own spin on your content will help you stand out from the crowd.

Hold contests or giveaways:

Contests can help spread your business through word of mouth and could help influence a larger community. They also help create involvement and build an increased fan base, thereby making it beneficial to design thinking.

Collaborate with other influencers:

The more you, as an influencer, collaborate with other stars or influencers, the more unique and empowering content you would be able to create.

In today’s fast-paced world, providing your audiences with interesting content, especially created with other influencers, could help you build a loyal following and even acquire more likes and followers.

Promote a brand or product:

This is another example of design thinking. Through this, you can strengthen your collaboration with other influencers by promoting their product or brands. To your audience’s benefit, you can also provide a code that gives them an additional discount when buying the product. 

The way you promote a product or brand could also build a loyal following for you as an influencer. You must ensure to provide accurate and reliable information in order to hold your reputation in today’s ever-competitive market.

Post about niche topics:

As an influencer, sharing knowledge about a niche you have immense knowledge about can help build your reliability among your audience. It will also help you build a sense of trust among them. You can surely maintain the process of design thinking through it.

Write meaningful captions with the right hashtags:

A post on social media is incomplete without the right words and hashtags. All captions, if chosen wisely, can help your post be visible to the right audience. Design thinking also gets influenced through memes as well.

This is why top lifestyle influencers choose their words wisely in both their captions and videos. This can help their post go viral correctly.

Stay consistent:

One of the most important design thinking tools is being consistent. Staying consistent with your posts and ensuring that you reach the correct audience can help you stay relevant in today’s competitive world.


Following these design thinking steps can make a lifestyle influencer’s journey an easy one. With the content you provide, you would be able to provide your audience’s design with a niche thinking aspect, irrespective of the age group or other factors. 

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Frequently asked questions:

1. How can I find my niche as an influencer?

  • Start by knowing your goals and then the type of influencer campaign you would want to run. Find influencers related to your field and promote your competitors.

2. How do you define lifestyle influencers?

  • Lifestyle influencers not only invite people into their lives, but also reveal all the aspects of their personalities. They often share talents and several passions with their followers. 

3. What are influencer niches?

  • Influencer niche pertains to the marketing world and is a very special segment of the market. It differs according to the field and genre.

4. Which topics comprise lifestyle niche?

  • A lifestyle niche focuses on topics such as health, fitness, beauty, travel, fashion, food, dating, arts, and entertainment.

5. Which niche is most profitable?

  • Without a doubt, the fitness niche is a profitable one. This is followed by health, dating and relationships, self-improvement, and motivation.

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