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Must-Have Apps and Resources for Working Remotely


March 1st, 2024 07:22

The dynamic nature of the digital era has made it very difficult for organisations everywhere to keep in touch and build successful teams.

There is a greater demand than ever for efficient remote work software due to the shift in work environments from traditional offices to remote setups. Work-from-home software such as messaging or video chat apps, cloud services, online team management apps, programme management systems, and so forth can be used to connect to network systems.

Since working remotely has its own set of difficulties, it takes a special set of tools for remote work to get through them. These are some of the top tools for remote work that will help your employees stay connected and productive.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a secure cloud-based file storage and synchronisation service that lets users save, manage, and share documents, files, images, videos, and more from any internet-connected device in one convenient location. It eliminates the need for continuous file sharing and version control.

For several reasons, Google Drive has emerged as one of the most useful and important tools for working remotely. Google Drive and other Google Workspace applications, such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, are easily integrated.

Chrome Remote Desktop

You can safely access your computer with Chrome Remote Desktop from a phone, tablet, or other computer. This implies you won't have to worry about any security dangers when accessing your computer from anywhere at any time.

You can download the iOS and Android mobile apps or use an access URL to access your PC through a web browser. You can also get quicker access to your home or business computer from portable devices with a Chrome extension.


Another excellent tool for working remotely is CloudApp. With a link, you may work with colleagues on GIFs, HD films, screen captures, and annotated screenshots.

You can add your branding to your work with this tool. Furthermore, CloudApp is the ideal tool for all remote workers because it allows you to share your views and visual modifications with anyone with an internet connection.

Microsoft Teams

One of the greatest tools for managing remote workers and the most popular programme for remote work is Microsoft Teams, which is frequently used in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook, a leading scheduling tool.

It's a centralised platform for collaboration and communication created to bind distant teams together and enable smooth file sharing, teamwork, and communication.

With its powerful virtual meeting features, Microsoft Teams allows users to collaborate in real-time on shared documents, share screens, and conduct video conferences.


Dropbox is an excellent choice if you want a combination of Google Drive's features and the benefits of a project management platform. Like Google Drive, DropBox may be used to store files, photos, and other media types.

On the other hand, DropBox Paper is a real-time collaborative document that enables you to schedule tasks, share ideas, and take notes during meetings along with designated actions.


Most likely, you have participated in virtual meetings with Zoom in the past few years, particularly during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, when video conferencing became essential.

But Zoom's appeal goes beyond just being trendy; it provides a feature-rich platform with strong capabilities, which makes it a vital tool for users looking to maximise teamwork, virtual meetings, and remote work, as well as for businesses trying to foster a positive remote work culture.


A tool called TeamViewer helps users get started with remote desktop access. TeamViewer is a tool that employees can use for remote work.

They can use it to access their office computer when working remotely, participate in meetings remotely, show other participants technical details during meetings, and even navigate a presentation while dictating through video and audio. This may be the most important tool for working remotely.


Slack is an incredibly flexible tool for teamwork and communication that can streamline processes, increase productivity, and bring teams together.

Many organisations love it because of its robust connectors and easy-to-use UI. It facilitates real-time communication between remote team members using chat and instant messaging features.


Trello remains one of the most popular workload management tools and productivity apps, thanks to its easy-to-use design and superior project management skills.

Individuals and groups can easily keep things organised, improve teamwork, and manage activities with Trello. With Trello's user-friendly design, remote workers can manage projects effectively without requiring much training.


Toggl is a time-tracking programme that displays how much time you spend on things. The software was initially created with remote workers in mind, to assist freelancers in ensuring that they were appropriately invoicing for their work and receiving payment for the time invested in it.

Toggl is a worthwhile investment for remote freelancers just on the basis of this, and its reports will also enable you to provide more precise quotes for future assignments.


You can find the finest ways to increase your productivity remotely by downloading and trying these apps. They offer smooth virtual interactions, make project management easier, and enable effective communication even when team members are physically separated.

Whether you need to manage projects, keep track of time, collaborate with teams, or generate documents remotely, you can be confident that there is a remote working programme that will meet your needs and increase productivity.

If you use these resources, you'll be in a better position to successfully handle the rigours of working remotely.

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