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Pitching or Connections: What can help you while freelancing?


July 24th, 2023 11:12


As a freelancer, finding consistent work is one of your biggest challenges. While there are many ways to land clients, two of the most popular and effective methods are pitching and building connections. However, knowing which approach to take can be complex, especially if you're new to freelancing or need guidance on marketing yourself best. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of pitching and building connections in freelancing. We'll look at different pitches you can use, common mistakes to avoid, and how to effectively network with potential clients. By the end of this article, you'll better understand which approach may work best for you and how to start seeing results in your freelance career.

The importance of effective pitching and building connections 

Building a successful freelance career is about creating connections and effectively pitching your services. Both elements are crucial for gaining new clients and keeping your business growing. When it comes to pitching, it's not just about selling yourself but also understanding the needs of potential clients and how you can meet those needs with your expertise. Creating meaningful connections with others in the industry can also be a huge factor in your success as a freelancer. Networking can lead to new opportunities for work or collaboration and even provide valuable insights into the industry. Building connections with specialists can help you stay on top of trends, learn about best practices, and gain access to potential clients you may have yet to be able to reach on your own.

Types of pitching techniques 

Pitching is an essential skill to have when freelancing. Several pitching techniques can be used to grab the attention of potential clients and secure work. One of the most popular techniques is the "elevator pitch," which involves delivering a summary of your services within 30 seconds - the average length of an elevator ride. Another technique is the "tailored pitch," which customizes your pitch to match a client's needs and interests. It requires researching and understanding the client's business before reaching out to them with a proposal.

The "social media pitch" has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially with the rise of social media platforms. This technique involves crafting brief pitches that can easily be shared on these platforms, making it easier to reach larger audiences and connect with potential clients or collaborators.

Elements of a successful pitch 

A successful pitch requires careful planning and execution. The first element is to research the target publication or client thoroughly. It means understanding their style, tone, and the kinds of content they publish or require. Knowing their editorial guidelines, submission process, and payment rates is also necessary. This information helps you tailor your pitch to their specific needs and increases your chances of acceptance. The second element is to have a clear and concise message. Your pitch should be brief yet informative, highlighting your proposed unique angle or idea. Use strong headlines and eye-catching subject lines that grab attention immediately. Remember that editors receive hundreds of pitches daily, so yours needs to stand out from the crowd.

Lastly, a successful pitch should showcase your writing skills and be manageable. Demonstrate your expertise in the topic by providing relevant examples or statistics but keep it concise and easy to read. Showing enthusiasm for the project can also add a personal touch to your pitch to help build rapport with potential clients or editors.

Common mistakes in pitching and how to avoid them 

One of the most challenging aspects of pitching is avoiding common mistakes that may lead to rejections or missed opportunities. These mistakes can be avoided by following a few guidelines. First, it's essential to research the target publication or client carefully and thoroughly before submitting a pitch. Not understanding their needs, preferences, or expectations can result in an irrelevant or tone-deaf pitch.

Secondly, make sure your pitch is concise and clear. Avoid jargon, buzzwords, or cliches that confuse the recipient and dilute your message. A well-crafted pitch should be easy to understand and memorable.

Finally, proofread your pitch multiple times before sending it out. Typing, grammatical errors, and formatting issues can make you appear unprofessional and careless. An error-free angle shows that you take your work seriously and respect the recipient's time and attention.

How to use pitching and networking together?

Networking and pitching are two essential aspects of freelancing that can help you find new clients and grow your business. However, many freelancers must realize the true power of combining these two techniques. When used together, networking and pitching can create a powerful synergy that can help you build long-term relationships with potential clients and increase your chances of securing new projects. To use pitching and networking together effectively, it's essential to start by identifying the right people to target for your pitches. Attend industry events, join online communities, and contact individuals interested in your services. Once you've established a list of potential clients, tailor your pitches to their needs and interests.

Another effective way to pitch and network is leveraging referrals from existing clients or industry contacts. Ask satisfied clients for referrals or contact industry contacts who can connect you with potential clients. Using these tactics, you can tap into existing networks while expanding your contacts network.


As a freelancer, mastering the art of pitching and networking is essential for success. It requires dedication, time, and effort, but the benefits are immeasurable. Remember that a successful pitch is not just about selling your skills; it's about building relationships that will last a lifetime. Use these techniques to enhance your pitching skills and advance your freelancing career! You'll find that opportunities will unfold unexpectedly by taking the time and effort to connect with people.

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