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Starting An Online Graphic Design Business - Essential Factors To Consider


October 26th, 2021 21:24

Start an online graphic design business

Do you have a passion for graphic design? Do you want to use your passion as a side hustle?

With the increase in online brand marketing, there has been a rise in the need for graphic designers. So, if you have the skill, then wait no longer. 

Here is all that you need to know to be able to utilize your hobby and answer the question, "How to start a proper online graphic design business?"

Identify your strengths

Graphic design is a broad industry with ample opportunities to secure reliable gigs. These include avenues such as logo design, web designing, and social media campaigning, among others. You have to first determine the aspect of graphic design that you would be comfortable with.

When starting an online graphic design business, finding the right fit may seem difficult at first; however, you can determine the focus you would be able to give to your business by checking how much time you can devote to your online business.

Moreover, you have to ensure to have certifications to be able to enhance your credibility, knowledge, and skills. This will provide people with a brief insight into your skillset and understanding of the subject matter.

Create a website

No one can start an online graphic design business without creating a strong social media presence. You can create a website for free as well. Therefore, to start your online graphic design business without money would not be an issue. It is, therefore, recommended that you have a website for your online graphic designing business.

You can first start by registering your domain name so that you can easily link it to other social media pages such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Your clients would look for your work so ensure to feature your best works on your website. 

Along with your website, it is also important to maintain active social media accounts and feature your designs there as well. This will help you build a strong follower base.

You can also collaborate with other content creators online and also ask them to use your designs in their work. This will ensure to give your work additional traction in today’s competitive market. Therefore, building a safe and informative website along with having a strong follower base can help you when you start your online graphic design business.

Know your clients

For any business, be it online or offline, the biggest and most important aspect is client satisfaction. You have to be able to gauge what your clients may expect from you and your work. For this, you should be prepared with market research and analytics and upgrade your skills and software accordingly. 

However, you ought to remember some do’s and don’ts when dealing with clients.


  • Develop your design based on the needs and requirements of your client
  • Let your client suggest changes to your design if they are not completely satisfied; remember that you are just starting your online graphic design business 
  • Finish your project within/before the deadline; these impressions will heavily matter if the client would want to continue working with you in the future
  • Be open to feedback and try to keep developing your skills


  • Do not take up work for free. You have decided to start an online graphic design business; therefore, you should be able to charge commission for your designs. Do not feel bad for asking your clients to pay up for your services.
  • Do not do work for exposure. If you are designing something for a big company, they ought to have the budget for advertising and marketing. Do not let big companies exploit you and your work for their own gain.
  • Do not plagiarise your work, even if your client asks you to. Plagiarism can lead to further legal hassles and discredit all the hard work that you have put into your online business so far. It could also hamper your credibility.
  • Do not say yes to a task that you know that you won’t be able to finish within the deadline or do not have the required skills or software to complete. Building trust and faith in your brand and business is the most important thing.

Don’t quit your day job just yet

If you have just started your online graphic design business, then maybe this is not the right time to quit your day job. Online businesses take a lot of time and effort before becoming successful. 

So, in order to be a recognizable business, you may have to burn a hole in your pocket to invest in your own marketing and advertising, especially when you try to put advertisements through Facebook and Instagram.

Therefore, you would need to have reliable capital and a steady flow of income will surely give you that. Once your business is afloat, you can then assess the situation and consider quitting your day job and work on your business full time. 


Remember, any business takes a long time to gain popularity. Therefore, the biggest point to remember about starting your online graphic designing business is that you ought to be patient and extremely dedicated as well as true to your craft to make your dream a success.

Frequently asked questions

1. How much would it cost to start an online graphic designing business?

  • An online graphic designing business can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000. However, a business for graphic design can be started at a much cheaper price depending upon the specific skill set that one has.

2. How much would I earn as a graphic designer?

  • Online graphic designers can make an average of $59,442 per annum.

3. What qualifications do you require to be a graphic designer?

  • Although for a graphic designer a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design, digital art, or digital design has been the norm, for a freelance graphic designer having a robust profile is often sufficient.

4. Are graphic designers currently in demand?

  • With the constantly growing demand for content online as well as through social media, it has been projected that the demand for graphic designers shall increase by 5% by 2026

5. What is the difference between graphic designing and digital design?

  • The main job of a graphic designer is to focus on static designs, whereas digital designers create animation, interactive pages as well as 2D and 3D models. 

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