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Tips to Build Authenticity for your Branding


November 4th, 2022 05:37

With the rising number of businesses offering similar products and services, freelancers and entrepreneurs, all are asking the same question, How to set yourself apart from in the sea of competition?

One sure-shot way to do this is by being careful around your brand and making sure that your target audience sees you as an authentic and genuine business that they can rely upon.

So today we bring you a handful of easy-to-follow tips that will help you build authentic branding for yourself.

Defining Brand Authenticity

If you have been a freelancer or have been carrying your business for some time now, you probably already know how intuitive customers and clients are. Today’s customer is an aware one. They listen, notice, and observe everything about you, your business, and the product/service that you are offering.

It is this perception of the customer of the genuineness and reliability of your brand that is termed brand authenticity.

A few simple elements of an authentic brand are

  1. Continuity
  2. Credibility
  3. Integrity
  4. Brand Image

Why is brand authenticity so important?

If you create an authentic brand, your customer base is ready and willing to be loyal to you in return. Some of the key advantages that will come your way through this are:

  1. Increase in Profits
  2. Stand out of the Crowd
  3. Expanded Customer/Client Base
  4. Strong connection with your client/customer base
  5. Growth in Business

Tips to Build Authencity for your Branding

Tell your Story

Because if you don’t give out your story, the markets will create one for you, and not necessarily good.

The idea is to be real and share the mission of your brand and the values that your business stands on. The authenticity of your branding stems from the transparency of your ideals and how you share them with your consumer base. 

Have a strong Social Media Presence

It is no secret that the world lives on the internet now and a major chunk of our day is spent on the various social media platforms, thus making them an excellent way to build an authentic brand. Our social media is your digital pamphlet where you can establish an entire community of people who align with your vision and goals. 

Be Relatable and Truthful

Everybody wants a brand that understands them. Being relatable means that your consumers can connect with you and your business. Seasoned business people suggest being more human when it comes to your branding instead of just being trendy. The connection between you and your customers has to be deeper than that for them to be able to trust you.

Be Useful to your community of consumers

Too many businesses see communication as a one-way street rather than as a constant dialogue between clients and service providers. That misguided tactic has the potential to alienate and irritate clients. Instead of using social media and other channels to just broadcast information or hammer prospects with sales pitches, try to engage them with helpful material that benefits end customers.

Keep up the consistency

We live in a fast-changing world where things can change in the blink of an eye. In such a world, a consistent brand is much appreciated by consumers. Be it the launch of a new product, your social media presence, your sales, and marketing, or any other way that makes you seen in the markets, it is important to keep up the pace.

Another aspect of consistency is keeping all aspects of your business up to date with the changes that you make. For example, if a company changes its packaging, the change must reflect in its new advertisements, its social media, and its website as well.

Let your Customers talk to you

Everybody likes to be heard. So making yourself a trustworthy choice for your consumers, it is crucial to listen to what they want. So give ample chance to them to share their feedbacks suggestions and even complaints. It is equally important that you try to incorporate the feedback and resolve the complaints in the best possible way. 

Keep up the Innovation

While going back to your roots and discovering your brand story and purpose is a great method to lay a foundation based on authenticity, don't forget to consider the future as well. Maintain strict quality standards, follow current industry trends, and be open to new ideas.


There is one last secret about building authentic branding that I have to share before I go, and that is, It all takes time. Just as Rome was not built in one day, you will not see any sudden and drastic change in your customer base either. But if you continue down the path with the right goals in mind, you will surely reap the good results of creating an authentic brand. 

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