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Tips To Help You Start Freelancing Like A Pro


May 31st, 2022 08:37

Freelancing like a pro: A brief insight

Freelancing like a professional is something that we would all want to know the secret to. As both a full- and part-time profession, freelancing has been able to grow exponentially over the past few years with increased convenience and profitability being added as advantages to it.

Furthermore, the rise of freelance marketplaces and digitization have only aided and compounded this growth, making it a viable opportunity that both working and non-working professionals can benefit from and start freelancing like a professional.

Over the past 18 months, with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the professional world has changed the way in which it interacts with each other. While the loss of jobs on a global scale is an unfortunate reality, the freelancing industry has directly benefitted from this change. 

With many companies looking to hire professional freelancers, people are looking for tips and advice on topics such as how they can look for jobs in major cities—such as Dubai—what are the costs and fees involved, and what are the pros and cons of working as a freelancer.

Although this has been mutually advantageous for both freelancers and businesses, one of the disadvantages of freelancing that could be noted is the increased competition and saturation of opportunities. 

Many professionals around the globe are vying for freelancing opportunities across various industries. The quality and professionalism expected of freelancers today are no less than that of full-time employees. 

In order to compete with contemporaries and utilize such opportunities to the fullest, it has become imperative to freelance like a pro and develop the necessary skills and competencies in your area of expertise.

Freelance like a pro: Essential tips

The hallmark of a professional freelancer is not just based on delivering quality work but submitting it on a regular basis. Maintaining this consistency requires professional freelancers to adopt strategies and attributes that would be essential to long-term success. 

Here are some essential tips that you can keep in mind if you want to start freelancing like a pro yourself.

  • Find your client base

Getting started with a new venture can always be intimidating but even when your end goal is freelancing like a pro, you have to get started somewhere. 

Building a large client base could take some time initially but you should maximize every resource at your disposal including networks you may have built over the years, personal connections, and leads from freelance marketplaces and even social media.

Using a combination of these methods can help you find your niche and attract a wide variety of audiences for your work. 

  • Determine your business capacities

Freelancing like a pro does not mean that you go overboard with your capacity or exhaust your resources, especially in the initial stages. 

Defining your own limitations and focusing on existing projects effectively can help contribute much more to your development than attempting to increase demand.

  • Optimize business capabilities

Freelancing like a pro would require building a long-term vision of your business that adapts itself to the changes and growth that you are likely to experience.

Something as simple as starting off with the right equipment, upskilling to meet industry standards, or even marketing yourself correctly are all integral aspects of optimizing your business capability and ensure that your growth and success remain parallel.

  • Build a portfolio

This is one of the most integral aspects of freelancing like a pro. You will find very few successful freelancers without a professional and marketable portfolio. For prospective clients and audiences, your portfolio is their only source of knowledge. 

Even if you do not start off with an elaborate webpage to display all of your work, it is important to create a distinguishable identity from your competitors in order to market yourself and build a reputation that can benefit you in the long run.

  • Manage your reputation

You may have all the resources you would need at your disposal but without a reputation that precedes you, you are unlikely to prove to your clients that you are exceptionally skilled at what you do.

Managing your reputation is not just limited to maximizing good exposure but also ensuring that all your clients stay satisfied. You can do this by resolving their queries, providing revisions, and even offering them discounts for their loyalty.


Although there are certain advantages and disadvantages of freelancing, what could stand out as an absolute winner is the freedom it allows you. You can work from home, choose your own plans and projects, charge your own fees, and be your own boss. Freelancing like a pro would enable you to build your own business and acquire success in a much efficient way.

If you are looking to kickstart and scale your career as a freelancer, Freedom2Work can help provide a stepping stone to making your dreams come true. Our experts at Freedom2Work help you apply for a freelance license and even a residence visa. Get in touch with us through the following details today!


Address: 213, Vakson Commercial Building, Umm Al Sheif, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

Phone number: 800-FREEDOM (373 3366)


Frequently asked questions

1. What is the highest-paid freelance job?

  • Finance writing, contract drafting, recruitment, financial forecasting, digital engineers, etc. are some of the highest-paid freelance jobs.

2. Which field is best for freelancing?

  • Accounting and finance, customer service, software development, medical and health, project management, research, writing, education, and training, etc. are some of the popular fields in freelancing.

3. How do freelancers get paid?

  • A freelancer would get paid depending on the assignments they undertake. The payment and amount would depend on the decision made between the client and the freelancer.

4. How can you tell a fake freelancer?

  • You can spot a fake freelancer by either checking if they have any other profiles, Google their bio and profile picture, check the feedback for their profile and work, see examples of their work, check for language quality, and even ask around with their previous clients.

5. Which freelance work is best for beginners?

  • Writing, proofreading, editing, graphic designing, website development, online teaching, virtual assistant, photographer, and social media management are some of the popular freelance jobs that would be best for beginners.

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