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Tips to Improve Client Communication in Your Freelancing Business


September 7th, 2022 11:08

Working as a freelancer translates into moving away from the traditional static offices. In-person communication with your client will be in the initial onboarding stage. Afterward, most of the communication occurs through Google Meetings and emails. Client communication as a freelancer is tricky to maneuver since one inconsistency in facts or details can cost you the project or the client itself. Hence, it is significant to learn how to improve your client communication skills to maintain your clientele.

Tips to improve your skills in client communication as a freelancer:

Clarify the scope of work at the onset

It is essential to start on the right foot with your prospective clients. Choose the platform to promote your business, establish the parameters of the work you provide, your expected remuneration, and the estimated time to deliver a project. It is the most important task to get ahead of before you start taking on projects, so take your time. 

Then you will be able to provide consistent client satisfaction when you are diligently upfront about all aspects of your freelance business.

Establish a connection

Apart from the professional boundaries in servicing your client, you must develop a certain level of personal connection. As you might know, businesses are structures that thrive and grow with networking and connections. 

The bare minimum you should do is show your approachability and a can-do attitude. 

Ask as much as possible

Figuring out all the intricate details about your client’s business is crucial to generating the high caliber of work required, since you might not be familiar with every aspect of your client. Therefore, make sure you ask all the right questions about their business. So you get all the information you need before starting the project. 


A pro tip for client communication as a freelancer is that when your client briefs you on the project, write it down concisely and share it with them afterward. It will show that you agree with your client and make you more diligent. Make sure your communication is accurate, clear, and concise. Before sending anything out, run your writing with a grammar checker like Grammarly.

Use the appropriate medium

Communication has virtually gone all digital now, hence the constant stream of new applications and platforms to get the job done according to one’s requirements. Therefore, you must choose the right platforms to communicate with your client as a freelancer. 

There are various communication channels. Some software offers team and task management features with video calling and texts. 

But make sure to compare their streaming quality, pricing, and all the other side features before making a call. Remember, all work-related communication, from getting a client, discussing their requirements, and maintaining a conversation about the same, shall take place on the medium you choose. 

Check-in regularly

Once you have presented and got a nod on a timeline for the project, it is ideal to schedule meetings with your client regularly. Whether weekly or monthly, depending on the work, these meetings will give your clients a chance to keep you up to date with their expectations and for you to understand them better. It will enhance client satisfaction and invoke reliability in your business. Various clients prefer different communication modes. 

You'll need to gauge the wants and needs of each of your clients on an individual basis.

Encourage feedback

Pay attention when a customer takes the time to offer you feedback. Consider what they say, and then make an effort to include it. Be proactive in getting feedback from all your clients. It will help you understand the expectations in your field of work and consequently build a better business. 

Communication is one of the cornerstones of creating a fruitful business relationship with your clients. Effective communication can offer you a more prolonged and solidified relationship with your customers, which can, in turn, increase sales. 

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