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Types of Digital Content You Can Write as a Freelance Ghostwriter


March 1st, 2024 07:21

Ghostwriters will always be in demand because of the wide range of written content required in today's digital environment. It also helps to understand how to best use your strengths. 

A ghostwriter is someone who creates articles for others but does not take credit. It's a valid, profitable, and diverse profession, particularly for freelancers. In its most basic form, a ghostwriter is someone who is employed to write content (blogs, novels, literary journals) but is not credited with it. You may assume this is a sad way to make a career, but it is extremely common and beneficial to both the writer and the consumer. 

Like many other services, the corporation that purchases the content receives credit because it essentially acquires ownership of the content and can use, adapt, and improve the product it purchases. 

Writers are paid and can write on a wide range of topics without having to take ownership of or maintain that content for an extended period. In other words, content writing services are simply another cog in the wheel that keeps organizations running efficiently. Ghostwriters will never go out of business, given the variety of written content required in today's digital environment. Aside from strengthening your content writing and grammar skills, learn about the digital careers available as a ghostwriter.

Types of Content a Ghostwriter Can Write:

Fiction and Non-Fiction Books

A ghostwriter can create a whole novel for a client. The latter offers the ideas, materials, and so on, whereas the former organizes everything into a logical sequence.

It's a highly creative collaboration that requires time, effective communication, and creative writing skills to complete. For a successful book ghostwriting profession, gain experience in fiction, non-fiction, and publishing in general.

Articles and Blog-Posts

If you've ever written an article for a blog or online magazine that was published under another person's name, you're already a ghostwriter.

This professional path is very similar to that of a content writer. You create a copy that engages and informs online readers. You also work with clients, following their instructions to the letter.

Messages, Emails and Newsletters

Ghostwriters can make money from any type of content, including written correspondence. A client may desire an email template that they can customize and send to their contacts as needed. They could do the same thing with newsletters, text messaging, and even social media updates.

You may help by creating templates that fit their voice and intent for various situations. For example, you may pitch a proposal to a partner on their behalf or keep their fans updated. 

Speeches and Press Releases

If you can write emails for others, formal addresses are the next best thing, and they are especially useful in corporate settings where public speaking and professional communication are essential.

Executives and politicians frequently hire ghostwriters for speeches and press releases. While they polish the content and ensure it is appropriate for the occasion and audience, their clients can attend to other concerns.

Press releases can cover anything from new products to company updates. Speeches can also be live or recorded videos, with each serving a particular purpose, such as informing or apologizing to their audience.

Any type of business will require a press release or speech at some point. As a ghostwriter, you may work with both influencers and artists, as well as entrepreneurs.


Like speeches, interviews are not usually conducted in person. They could be a set of questions that the interviewee responds to in writing at their leisure. Ghostwriting can include answering these questions in the client's voice and covering the topics they designate. Discuss the interview in depth so you know exactly what to write.

You may also be requested to take a taped interview and write down the entire conversation. This could be for basic record keeping or to make the text available online and improve the accessibility of a website.

As a ghostwriter, you'll work on digital content that requires ability, organization, and communication. If you're a freelancer, take advantage of web tools to improve your ghostwriting.


In the ghostwriting profession, you'll frequently encounter the need to convert video and audio recordings into written content. Aside from interviews, you can transcribe podcasts, vlog entries, songs, and more. It's one additional aspect of your job that might connect you to a variety of businesses.

Scripts for Videos and Podcasts

Rather than writing current audiovisual content, you can create scripts for ongoing projects. This is when extensive writing and reading experience comes in handy. Scripts are distinct from prose or poetry; thus, appropriate experience is essential.

Song Lyrics

Even the music industry profits from ghostwriters. They can assist musicians in translating their vision into lyrics that rhyme, move, and sell CDs. Sometimes the best tools for crafting song lyrics are insufficient. An extra pair of eyes and ears can help an artist attain their full potential.

So, if your ghostwriter skills include music and songwriting, you may put them to good use by contributing both your musical knowledge and your pen.

Website Content

All sites incorporate text and audiovisual features, and you can be a part of them. We're not just talking about blog entries here but also about the vital components of a website that need to be personalized.

For example, an online portfolio requires an about page that oozes individuality, professionalism, and awareness of the intended audience. A ghostwriter can handle it. Then there's a service or product description. Even these require precise detail and a level of character that the site's owner may be unable to provide. 

They could even want to sign disclaimers and press releases rather than compose them themselves. Learn everything you can about site design, from digital content organization to SEO, and how you can help brands with their domains.


There's plenty of work for competent ghostwriters. Depending on your overall skill set, specialize in sorts of content that interest you and that you can produce at a high level.

Knowing your thing allows you to carry yourself confidently when dealing with clients or approaching new ones. But you should also understand what not to do while ghostwriting for others.

Just because your name is not featured in the published article does not allow you to be negligent with your business. There are limits to anonymity, particularly for professional content makers.

Enjoy the benefits of a freelance license and visa, such as a Work Permit, Emirates ID, Residency, and Option to Sponsor Family.

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