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Ways To Sell Your Creations Online


October 26th, 2021 21:24

Sell your creations online

The word handicraft is often associated with warmth and affability. There is a sense of personal touch with handicrafts. With many online platforms to sell your creations, many people are discovering and appreciating the artist within.

A few bucks on the side for your handicrafts can keep you inspired and make art more affordable for you.

Creations these days are not limited to crafts and paintings only. People are making everything from handmade jewelry to handmade soaps, and everything will sell on the internet

All you need to get there is the right strategy and platform. So read along to find out easy and affordable ways in which you can sell your creations online.

First things first, here is a small checklist for you to be ready to sell your creations online.

Catchy pictures of the product

The first thing that anyone sees when browsing to buy anything is the picture. You want to get some clean professional shots that make your designs alluring to the online customers whom you want to sell to.

A striking description

The next thing that anyone sees is the description of your product. You can give a brief background story to your craft to make it sound more interesting and catch the attention of buyers here.

To sell your product, you can explain the story of its creation and even share your story in short to give it a more personal touch.

Right pricing

Your pricing must be justifiable to the creations that you are selling online. If you overprice it, it is less likely to be bought. Similarly, if you under-price it, people tend to think that the product does not hold enough value and is made of cheap material. 

For customers to be interested in your product, you need to price your product at a balanced rate, neither too much, nor too little.

Respond to queries in time

A very easy way to create a base of customers for your product is to provide a timely response to queries. Customers often have queries regarding pricing, variety, shipment etc. and a quick response to such queries increases their trust in you and your product.

Where to sell

Now that you have everything in place, let us see some online platforms for selling and make some money off your designs and creativity. 

Social media

There is no dearth of people selling their products on Instagram and Facebook these days. The reason is the humongous number of people who spend long hours scrolling through social media. So why is it that some businesses become more successful than others?

The secret is in the 4 steps I laid down above. These simple steps when followed on social media can bring you a better response to your products. In addition to this, you can take note of the following points while creating a business account on social media.

  • Post often: Regular posts and stories get your pages more visits and increase your visibility.
  • Make the best use of hashtags: Using the right hashtags in your posts can do wonders for your page. Look for the most relevant hashtags that can bring the right customers to your page.
  • Engage with followers: Another easy way to increase your page traffic is to engage with your followers. This can also be a fantastic technique to build their trust in your page.
  • Upload your creation videos: Customers tend to get more interested in a product when they see how it is made. The journey of raw material to a fantastic piece of craft is appreciated by many.

Find a website that sells your goods for you

The foremost in this list is Amazon which is being used by people across the globe. Other than this, many global and national websites provide platforms for sellers and buyers to negotiate, buy and sell directly. 

Websites like Etsy and Shopify are allowing people to buy and sell across the world. You can also look for local-level websites in your area.   

Create your own website

If you are interested in more than just a side hustle, you can consider making your website and selling your creations in your style. Your website can be advertised on your social media and allow you to create a space for people to view your art and engage in discussions.

With many bogus sellers who have infiltrated the online space, having a website of your own can go a long way to display your authenticity.


Making money doing something you enjoy is a feeling that not many get to relish. With these simple ways, you can sell your creations online and be the master of your time and will. So start selling your creations today and become a part of the online community of creators.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the best sites to sell handmade items?

  • Etsy
  • Handmade at Amazon
  • Shopify
  • Artfire

2. Do I need a license to sell on Etsy?

  • No, Esty doesn't require you to have a license to sell creations on their website. However, depending on your local jurisdiction, you may require a license to sell legally.

3. Can you make a living selling crafts online?

  • Yes. Selling your creations and crafts online is an easy and fun way to earn a living. Once your business picks up, you stand to make good profits as the demand for handmade products is on the rise.

4. What is the hottest selling craft item?

  • With the rise in demand for hand-made products, items like bookmarks, keychains, pet tags, and jewelry are high. Other than this you can also sell handcrafted beauty products, apparel, accessories, etc.

5. How do you price handmade items?

  • Pricing of your handmade items depends on your cost of supplies, your time invested, and the price of your skilled labor. Other than this, you should also consider what is the general market rate of similar items.

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