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Ways To Turn Freelance Photography Into A Side Hustle


October 26th, 2021 21:24

Freelancing as a photographer

Freelancing as a photographer in this day is proving to be a rewarding venture. It is true that companies upgrading their phone cameras so frequently have equipped almost everyone to click wonderful pictures, but a photographer knows that a lot goes behind a professional photo, such as composition, composure, angle, lighting, attention to detail, and very importantly, the story behind the photo. 

Although photography has been made commonplace, professional photos are nevertheless as marketable and sought after as ever. In fact, the mushrooming of content marketing and of influencer business can provide a huge impetus to the photography business as well. 

If you are one of those who are inspired towards pursuing professional photography or, even better, who have their camera ready to capture the art, then wherever you go, there are opportunities available everywhere you look!

What’s better? You don’t have to give up your 9-5 job to pursue your passion, you can do some freelancing photography on the side, as an independent photographer with companies and individuals having the vacancy. 

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How can photography be used to earn money as a side-hustle?

The following are a few ways you can channelize your photography skills into creating a side-hustle for yourself:

Content marketing

  • The focus on content marketing has been more than ever in the present time. Several businesses, influencers, and other interested individuals run their social media handles on the pivot of marketing. Someone is always on the lookout for a suitable photographer who could help them in accentuating their business. It wouldn’t be arduous for you to do some research and find yourself an interested party. 

Newspaper/magazine articles

  • What would we cut out from magazines if there were no glossy pictures on them? If newspaper headlines describe an article in a few words, a picture depicts it at a mere glance. Moreover, with the increasing number of published media around us, you surely can strike a chord with one as a freelance photographer!

Online database

  • There are several websites that provide high-quality photos related to almost every subject online, either for a price or for free. These pictures are heavily used by the media, corporations, students, and others. You can sell the professional photos you took to these websites and earn per picture while freelancing as a photographer. 

Event photography

  • Gone are the days when a photographer used to be only hired for simply the wedding ceremony. They are also hired to capture the engagement, associated functions, pre- and post-wedding photoshoot, and even the very trending gender reveal photoshoot as well. There is no dearth of events available. You can make yourself available as an event photographer and benefit from this trend!

Portfolio photography

  • Aspiring actors and models have to get their headshots taken to boost their careers. You can play a role as a freelance photographer in being available to them, helping them make headway, thereby helping yourself live your passion while earning extra bucks.

How to apply as a freelance photographer in the UAE?

Freelancing in the UAE has a plethora of benefits. Once you apply for a freelance license permit, you can acquire a residency visa, work in an income-tax-free environment, and enjoy an upgraded lifestyle offered by Dubai.

You can choose from a variety of business activities and with the new labor laws being introduced, you could put your skills to great use. Photography would come under the category of media and you can work as an independent contractor in the UAE.

Freelancing allows you to pursue your passions without the restrictions of a regular 9 to 5 job. If you work at a job that you love, you would never work a day in your life!


Freelancing provides you the opportunity to be your own boss and earn a tax-free income in the UAE. Pursue your passion and begin your journey as a freelance photographer today!

Frequently asked questions

1. What does a freelance photographer do?

  • Freelance photography entails independent photography work, wherein one is expected to find clients and projects, engage themselves in particular events and essentially, choose their work as per their needs, preferences, and flexibility. 

2. What does a freelance photographer make?

  • The earnings of freelance photographers are dependent on their individual projects. There is a lot of potential to earn in freelancing. One can either do freelance photography in their spare hours or full time. The earnings will depend accordingly. 

3. Is being a freelance photographer worth it?

  • Freelancing can be strenuous as the workload is not consistent and you have to find your clients. Therefore, it can be worth it if you are passionate about it and are willing to go an extra mile initially to set your mark. 

4. How do you start freelance photography?

  • Have a solid business plan when beginning with freelancing. You will have to work independently and find your own clients. Hence, start networking, put yourself out there and always be on your feet, 

5. How do I market myself as a freelance photographer?

  • Make sure you have a good online presence. Leverage social media and the tools it provides. Do not miss out on networking opportunities and exploit every chance to put your work out there.

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