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What are Transferable Skills? How can it help You as a Freelancer?


May 26th, 2023 12:08

Most of you have worked as teenagers in school group projects, student bodies in colleges, mowing your neighbour's lawn, babysitting, or walking someone's dog. Even though these professions aren't regarded as a part of the corporate world, you may still claim that you gained anything from them because you learned a few talents you weren't aware you could know. Some of those abilities might be equally useful in other employment positions. Also, they have a name: transferable skills.

What are they, and which have made our list of transferable skills?

Transferable Skills are a set of skills applicable to a range of professions and markets. They are acquired through time due to prior educational experiences, internships, volunteer work, and employment.

What abilities are transferable? Hard and soft skills are the two categories of skills that are known to exist. Both of these sorts of abilities are adaptable, and they are transportable due to their value across different professions. It is possible to transfer general, interpersonal, management, clerical, research and planning, computer, and technical abilities. Although numerous transferrable talents exist, we have identified eight crucial in practically every industry.


The ability to convey information to others through speech, writing, or another medium is a sign of strong communication. Knowing when and how to ask questions, how to read body language, and how to talk to people in various circumstances are all made possible by communication skills. Employers respect effective communicators for their capacity to collaborate with others and advance projects at work.


The capacity to cooperate with others to achieve a common objective is a teamwork talent. Empathy, active listening, and excellent communication are other skills for effective teamwork. During interviews, you can help potential employers understand how you'll collaborate with people in their organisation by giving examples of successful collaboration.


Although acquiring leadership qualities is undoubtedly feasible, not everyone has accomplished so. The ability to coordinate oneself and a group of people around a shared aim is known as leadership. Individuals who have mastered this ability can inspire others to complete their tasks on schedule. The fact that leadership skills are a combination of several qualities, including dependability, patience, empathy, creativity, flexibility, and many others, is something that many people overlook. At practically every level of the organisational structure, your chances of receiving offers from various industries will be improved the sooner you acquire this talent.


Critical thinking and problem-solving are both soft skills that are related. Both of them rely primarily on data and facts to provide an answer to a question you might be considering. Nevertheless, you must first recognise the issue to find a remedy. That is when having problem-solving abilities is useful. After identifying the problem, one pauses to think about its causes and potential solutions before deciding the best course of action and putting it into practice.

Decision making

Making decisions is desirable to employers in all industries because it demonstrates self-assurance and sound judgement, essential skills. You must assess a problem, foresee potential outcomes, and quickly come up with a solution or course of action to make a decision.

Technical Skills

Computer skills are undoubtedly transportable. Some professions require using a computer in almost every field, and they are included in the transferrable talents. A person's technical skills will enable them to operate a laptop physically, whereas their software skills will enable them to use programmes and apps effectively.

People Dealing with and managing relationships

Relationships are frequently the foundational element of every business. There won't be any business without solid relationships with clients or between divisions! Relationship builders mediate disputes or divergent objectives and assist parties in finding a resolution.


Dependability includes traits that establish you as a reliable worker and entails responsibility, organisation, and punctuality. Every company looks for applicants they can rely on to do jobs competently and on schedule. People frequently believe these individuals properly manage their interactions, tasks, and objectives.

You should focus on developing these transferable abilities, and the idea alone demonstrates its significance across all fields and sectors. So, why wouldn't you acquire those skills to make yourself a highly sought-after individual?

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