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Factors Affecting App Development Charges


November 24th, 2021 14:23

App development charges: A brief overview

Almost all of the activities, including shopping, networking, and even looking for a house or a job online can be done through an application. Such apps have brought the world closer than ever before and have even enabled many to earn from them.

While these applications are so in demand, it is owing to the skilled developers who help meet the demands. And, if you are one of these geniuses, then now is a great time to exploit this opportunity.

Developing an app requires a great deal of time and resources and in order for the returns to be reasonable for both you and the client, it becomes only fair to price the application accordingly. Pricing an app could get tricky, given the fact that there is so specific parameter to base the pricing on. Therefore, in order to quote a judicious price, you would have to ascertain these factors holistically.

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In the following, we have listed some of the factors that you could consider when deciding your app development charges:

Time invested

  • Time is money and, therefore, time spent should be compensated with the latter to effectuate a quid pro quo. Time is essentially the first factor to keep in mind while pricing your app, and for that matter, for determining a fee in general. Hence, your pricing can drastically vary depending on the varying time you invest, be it thirty hours or three weeks. It is only reasonable to take this into account. 

Resources used

  • Whether it is for developing the initial strategy, embarking on the actual process, or culminating the project, an app developer requires the assistance of several relevant resources, many of which come with a cost. You, therefore, would need to cover the cost of these tools in the price you charge, as the utilities derived from them ultimately become a part of the product. 

Market rate

  • Be on the lookout for the prices prevailing in the market and try to base the price for your application accordingly. The existing prices are reflective of what the developers deem reasonable as well as profitable and what the customers deem acceptable. Hence, charging an app surrounding the already set standards is likely to be welcomed. 

Your expertise and skill-set

  • Experience and skill-set are given high prominence in almost all professional fields. Therefore, the more the experience and the better the skills, the more liberty you would be able to exercise while pricing your app.

Any customizations

  • In some cases, your client may ask you to go the extra mile to insert additional customizations into your app. Therefore, while charging an app, you could account for any additional customizations you would be required to do and add them to your invoice accordingly.

Your margin

  • After taking into consideration all the expenses incurred by you while creating an app, you may take a margin for the service rendered and for the transaction to be profitable to you as well. Not to mention, this margin is expected to be appropriate and well-grounded. It should be based on sufficient grounds that does justice to both you and your client. 

Pricing an app goes a long way in getting and maintaining clientele. While it is true that money is usually one of the primary motivations to venture into a task, it is also true that merely being centred around the notion of money and profit can prove to be detrimental in the long run.



Pricing your application, if done correctly, can help you generate and maintain a clientele and even be instrumental in providing efficient solutions to market problems. 

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Frequently asked questions

1. How much should I charge for an app?

  • Charging an app entails various factors; however, the most important factor is the time attached to developing the app. A common trade practice is to charge as per the number of hours you have put in when creating the app. 

2. Should I charge money for my app?

  • If you are in the app-development business, then it is only wise to put a price on the product you are selling. Given how much utility your app provides, you can place a fair bargain from your side according to the time it took and the resources you utilized. 

3. How much should a freelancer charge for an app?

  • The price to be charged for an app depends on the requirements of the app, the complexity involved, the hours put in by you, the resources utilized in the same, and of course, the market and location. 

4. How much does an app developer cost per hour?

  • Hiring the services of an app developer can cost you anything from $15 to over $70 dollars per hour. It depends upon the requirements of the client, the time consumed, any specific customizations, etc. 

5. What are the factors to consider while pricing an app?

  • Among other things, a few of the primary considerations are the client, the market, the competition, the hours put in, your personal expertise, experience and qualifications, and any specific requirements. 

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