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Complete Guide to Freelancing in the UAE


July 12th, 2022 06:36

You might have already known about freelancing which is different from the general job profile. A freelancer is one who does not work on a fixed salary basis. A freelancer is a self-employed individual who performs various tasks for several clients and gets paid on a project or hourly basis. 

Freelancing gives you the freedom to work for yourself. One can work in the flexibility of comfort zone and manage time as per the requirements. Freelancers have control over the kind of work they undertake and who they undertake it. 

Even from a corporate point of view, it is convenient and efficient to delegate work to freelancers. When you assign the work to a freelancer, the company does not have to go through a hierarchy of individuals to complete the tasks. It is usually faster as well! That is why freelancing has become a convenient alternative for companies who wish to outsource their tasks. UAE has been witnessing a stark increase in the freelancing field. There are special visa provisions to enable more opportunities for freelancing activities. 

Various online marketplaces in Dubai, such as Bawabba, started by young entrepreneurs, are an excellent example of the rising freelancing population in Dubai. In the UAE, freelancing is still at an early stage compared to the countries worldwide. The revolution has just begun.

Here is a simplified and complete guide to freelancing in the UAE:


The first question that comes to mind when thinking of freelancing is- How and where do I start? Where do I find work like this?

The first and easiest place to look for work like this is Just a simple google search as ‘freelancing jobs in Dubai’ brings about several options.

The second way is to register yourself on websites like You can see several project options posted on this site. You can bid for those that interest you, and if the company believes you are right for the job, they will contact you.

It is that simple.


One of the things that usually concerns new freelancers is the fear that they will not have a visa. There are several free zones that provide freelancing visas and freelancing licenses in the UAE.

To get a freelance license, one has to apply with the relevant free zone. An application along with passport copies has to be submitted. Once you receive a customer confirmation letter, you are required to sign and submit the same. The applicable fees for the license have to be paid. The UAE free zone approved certificate for the visa has to be collected, and the permit shall be issued within two weeks or so.

And for a freelance visa, first, you fill up an application form and submit several eligibility documents and passport copies. Then submit a NOC that validates the transfer of residence visa to freelancer visa. One of the other requirements is a certificate from the bank stating that the applicant has a satisfactory bank record. Then you get your freelance visa. 


Yes. Freelancing in the UAE is legal, as long as you hold a freelance permit.


Freelancing in the UAE provides many benefits. It gives an individual the flexibility to work for several companies simultaneously. One can be more relaxed as he does not have to follow the 9-5 circle of life. The freelancer can charge whatever rate he wishes to from companies. The setup costs are low, and the freelance visa allows the individual to sponsor family members. 

The UAE offers individuals the opportunity to work from home. Not only does it benefit individuals, but it benefits companies, allowing them the freedom to hire individuals at low rates rather than companies. 

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